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“Haha, if she cant enter the top five, then all the trouble she made until now would be for nothing.” Sun Changfang continued to say a lot of bad things about Lu Man and finally felt better.

He drank a mouthful of tea and let out a breath of relief.

At that moment, Sun Changfangs phone rang.

He took it out and looked at the screen, then smiled at Liu Lijin and Li Lingmei as he explained, “Its the leader of our stage play group.

Let me answer it.”

“Go ahead,” the two of them said, smiling.

Sun Changfang did not go out and picked up the call in front of them.

“Hello, Director Wang”

“Teacher Sun,” Director Wang said.

From his voice, it was obvious that hed met with something that he was troubled with.

He was hesitating and stammering.

“Director Wang, what is it” Sun Changfang asked as he smiled.

“This… theres one thing… that I need to discuss with you,” Director Wang said, feeling troubled.

Sun Changfang did not realize anything, and he was still smiling as he said, “Director Wang, whatever it is, just tell me directly.

If I can help, Ill definitely help.”

Director Wang laughed dryly and said, “Its like this.

Regarding the stage play that we are about to start showing, Marathon of Love, the group has already discussed things and decided to let Teacher Liang whos just joined us attempt your part.”

“What do you mean” Sun Changfangs face changed instantly.

“This…” Director Wang said, feeling troubled.

“Let me tell you the truth.

The crew really has no other recourse.

Its a very hard choice weve decided on after discussing it for a very long time.

Do you remember what the netizens have said about boycotting you”

“Could it be because of that” Sun Changfang controlled his anger.

“Those people were just randomly saying things.

What is there to be scared of”

Director Wang smiled bitterly.

“The crew really thought that they were just randomly speaking before this and did not care about it.

Otherwise, we would not have waited so long to make a decision, right”

Sun Changfang finally felt that the situation was not very good.

“What do you mean Could it be that theyre really boycotting it”

Director Wang sighed.

“Since the day before, all the ticketing sales outlets have had a large number of people asking for refunds for their tickets, and now the biggest ticketing sales outlet, Guo Pai Web, has already shut down the ticketing sales for Marathon of Love.

This time, the stage play group has made big losses.

Its not an exaggeration to say that this is the biggest loss weve made since we were formed.”

“Originally, we had thought that this was a temporary thing, so even though the refunding of tickets has been happening since the day before, we did not tell you at all.

Yet whod have known that it would continue to happen until today In fact, more and more people are asking for refunds.

We just could not hold on anymore or we would not have made this kind of decision either,” Director Wang said.

“We did not think that those netizens would be so serious either, working together to boycott us.

Teacher Sun, I hope that you can understand.

Making this kind of decision was not easy for the group either.”

“Alright,” Sun Changfang said in a low voice.


He could not understand!

The actor for his role was suddenly being changed.

Doing stage plays was different from filming movies and dramas.

When filming movies and dramas, even after an NG, they could redo the scene.

But it was different for stage plays.

There could not be any mistake, and when they were acting, they have a nervous mindset.

So they needed to repeatedly rehearse normally, to carve every line and every word into their heads.

This way, when they went to perform on stage, there would not be a single mistake.

For this stage play, Sun Changfang had practiced day and night.

And now, they were telling him that they wanted to change the actor and not let him act

He could accept that decision because he could not not accept it.

From that call that Director Wang gave him, it was obvious that the stage play team had already come to a decision and would not change it at all.

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