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“Theyve changed the judges, fans.

Dont worry, your idols are all safe and can expect fair treatment.”

“Its the first time Ive seen Lu Man attack people live.

Its really too handsome.

With just a few moves, she can attack Sun Changfang and the other two until theyre totally black-faced.”

“Haha, didnt Sun Changfang say we dont know anything That we dont know how to act and dont understand their grading He made himself sound so upright, but in the end Sorry for criticizing the way you grade using your imagination.

Being able to grade directly without looking at the performances, that skill is great.

No wonder hes a teacher, no wonder he knows the internal workings of acting.”

“Grading using your imagination, hahahahaha! That description is great!”

But there were also netizens who began to be worried.

“Even if theyve now changed the judges, Lu Mans turn has already ended.

She already got her results, it cant be changed now, right Lu Mans marks have been lowered out of evil intention.

Even though the other three judges gave her full marks, her total score has been lowered by a lot.

Because of that, Lu Man is very much in danger! Now the six judges are going to be fair, so Lu Mans grades could be overtaken by the people behind.

Anyway, this group has a lot of competitors.

Its not wrong to call it the group of death.”

“What you said has logic.

Honestly speaking, the skills of the people in Lu Mans group are not comparable to Lu Mans.

But Lu Mans results have been pressed too low and it will not be easy to judge the outcome now.

After all, to be able to come out on top of their own schools and enter this competition, then get in the top 50 out of 230 people, everyone has skills.

If they are not careful and make a small mistake, theyll be overwhelmed.

Im really worried about Lu Man.

She has such good acting skills, I dont want her to lose here.

That will be a waste.”

“Didnt they change the judges Wont there be a new grade”

“Thats impossible.

Teacher Ma Xianghuan and Teacher Lian Fang did not see Lu Mans performance live, and those two have a very high expectation regarding performance.

If they do not see it in real life once, they wont give marks.

But even if they let Lu Man act again, honestly speaking, it might not turn out to be better than her first time.

Anyway, whether they let her perform again and give her new grades or retain the current state and marks without any changes, it is all very unfair to Lu Man.”

“The above poster is correct.

And the people in the same group would probably be unwilling to let Lu Man act again.

If the organizers choose to do that, the people in the same group would protest and it wont be easy for the organizers.”

“So the most possible outcome would be them retaining the original results.”

It was not only the people on the Internet who were discussing this.

The audience were doing so as well.

“Then what should Lu Man do”

At that moment, the emcee hurried on stage to control the situation.

“We are very sorry to have delayed the program for so long.

Our competition will now continue.

Im sure that everyone here has seen that our new judges have arrived.

Allow me to introduce them formally.”

The audience had long known this; they saw everything just now.

But they could not help being excited.

“Teacher He Shuxin, Teacher Zhang Guangtao, and Teacher He Shuxin will still be judges and remain unchanged.

The three judges weve newly invited are as follows: Ma Xianghuan, Teacher Ma!”

Ma Xianghuan stood up and turned around to greet the audience.

The sound of the audiences claps was resounding.

“Lian Fang, Teacher Lian.”

“Teacher Lian!”

“Teacher Lian Fang!”

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