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It was Huang Yilun who personally went to fetch him and Lian Fang.

Lu Man and Huang Yiluns performance had been uploaded online by netizens already.

On the way there, Huang Yilun took out the video of Lu Mans performance to let the two teachers see it.

After seeing it, Ma Xianghuan and Lian Fang could not stop praising her either.

Ma Xianghuan even jokingly asked Lian Fang, “If it were you, how would you have performed it”

Lian Fang smiled, very relaxed.

“Me I might not have been able to perform much better than Lu Man.

But if it were me, I would probably have an advantage in age.

After all, the Empress Wu at this time was already old.

And no matter how well Lu Man acted like her, shes still a young girl.

I can tell that she tried very hard to understand the thoughts of an old person, but a young persons aura is in her bones and cannot be removed.

Her voice as well—even if she made it deeper, its still the voice of a young person.

Furthermore, it is very easy to give people some preconceived notions.”

“But outside influences that cannot be changed aside, if were only discussing performance, hers was really not bad.

At least in school, it would be hard for her to meet an opponent.”

“Sun Changfang and the rest, the marks they gave her were really too much,” Ma Xianghuan said.

“If theres an opportunity, I really hope that you two elders can perform with Lu Man.

Only when you are actually acting with her can you feel that kind of feeling, one which feels very addictive,” Huang Yilun said.

“While I was acting with her, the moment she opened her mouth, I forgot her age, forgot that she was just a student.

And I could not help but treat her as a talented actor from the same generation as me and totally let myself go all-out while acting.”

“It seems that your review of her is very high! Im anticipating it a lot, then.

If she can successfully enter the finals, we will still have the chance to see her performance live,” Ma Xianghuan said with a smile.

Because of Huang Yiluns introduction, when they reached the event location, Ma Xianghuan and Lian Fang both roughly knew about the situation.

“Im also very curious about how the younger generation of children performs,” Lian Fang said, smiling.

“As theres this kind of opportunity, I came over to take a look.”

“This time around, thank you all for coming and helping me save the situation.” Han Zhuoli smiled.

“I trust that with you guys coming to be the judges, the audience would be very much at ease.”

“Lets go, lets hurry and begin,” Ma Xianghuan said.

“Weve already wasted a lot of time.”

Han Zhuoli personally brought the three to the judges seats.

Sun Changfang and the rest hurried to stand up.

Whether it was due to their seniority or their contribution to the acting industry, the status of both Ma Xianghuan and Lian Fang was extremely high.

No one dared to disrespect them here.

Upon seeing the three of them come, Sun Changfang gloatingly raised an eyebrow at Zhang Guangtao and He Shuxin.

These three people were most probably found and brought here to be judges.

If they were replacing only three people, then they would definitely be switching Zhang Guangtao and the other two out.

Sun Changfang was not scared at all.

“Teacher Ma, Teacher Lian,” Sun Changfang said, hurrying to greet them.

Ma Xianghuan and Lian Fang, when facing Sun Changfang, were both smiling as they greeted him and did not show any strangeness in their expression.

“Teacher Ma, Teacher Lian, you all are—” Sun Changfang smiled and began to ask.

“Haha, were here to join in the fun and be judges,” Lian Fang said, smiling.

“Oh.” Sun Changfang pretended to be confused and asked, “Then who are you three going to replace”

Lian Fang continued to smile and did not say anything.

Ma Xianghuan continued to smile, not planning on opening his mouth.

Han Zhuoli said coldly, “Teacher Sun, Teacher Liu, Teacher Li, its been tough on you these last few days.

From here on, you guys can go and rest.

From today onwards, well be handing the job of grading and judging the competition to these three teachers.”

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