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“Giving students from your own school high marks and giving low marks to students from other schools is being professional”

“Haha, we might not know about the details regarding performances, but we know that Sun Changfang is not worthy of being a judge!”

The audience members behind him were angrily criticizing, and from next to him came the accusations of the other judges.

Sun Changfang was in a very difficult position right now.

He did not understand.

Wasnt Lu Man someone insignificant

For a Lu Man whos insignificant, why go to this extent

But now, it was no longer Lu Mans problem alone.

It was the problem of Sun Changfang not fairly giving marks.

“Its not just students from our school.

Whenever Sun Changfang was giving marks, even if its for the students from other schools, I also recorded it.”

But now that things had been revealed to be like that, they could not just redo the competition, right

He Shuxins face was dark.

He was also extremely angry as he gave a cold hmph to Sun Changfang, not planning on acknowledging that person.

The emcee hurried to say, “Teachers, why dont we have everyone give their marks now We cant let Lu Man keep waiting here, right Theres only Teacher He Shuxin left who is yet to give his marks.”

He Shuxin gave a 10 without hesitation.

Originally, He Shuxin had wanted to give something above 9.

He wanted to give her 9.6.

Normally, he would not give his students full marks because he wanted his students to continue improving and to not become proud because of that.

But for Lu Man, even a score of 10 was definitely not too high.

Not to mention how Sun Changfang, Liu Lijin, and Li Lingmei had all given such low marks to Lu Man—obviously, these three had already discussed it sometime before.

He Shuxin did not want a talent like Lu Man to be oppressed by these three peoples kinds of plays.

And so, without hesitation, he gave Lu Man a 10.

“Good! Great job!”

“Teacher He Shuxin, you did well!”

“Now, Lu Mans total marks are 52.5.

Even though it is not very possible to get first place in the second round, shell be ranked high!”

“Lu Man, you really acted very well.

The reason I gave you 10 is not only because I cannot stand how those three people have given you low marks for no reason but also because you are indeed worthy of this score.

Dont be too upset with yourself, relax.

Even if you are unable to pass this round this time, everyone was able to see your ability,” He Shuxin said loudly.

“People with real ability cannot be oppressed no matter what!”

“Thank you.” Lu Man smiled.

She was steady and calm, looking like she was not affected by Sun Changfang and the other two at all.

Her attitude was very serene.

When He Shuxin saw that, he could not help but laugh.

“Looks like I was worried for you for no reason.

Your attitude is too good, not needing people to comfort you at all.”

Lu Man held her microphone with two hands and lowered her head to laugh.

“Its one thing to have a good attutude, but being able to get the understanding and comfort of people still makes me very happy.”

He Shuxin also laughed.

Han Xijin and his wife looked at their future daughter-in-law from off stage and became more and more satisfied.

Look at how calm Lu Man was.

No matter what was happening, her expression did not change.

She did not show weakness at all; she looked very confident and not at all worried.

“Alright, then.

Let me announce that Lu Mans overall score for the second round is 52.5!” the emcee hurried to say, trying her best to maintain a smile.

“May I now invite Lu Man to go and take a rest first”

Lu Man went backstage.

As the emcee announced that the second round of the competition would continue, whod have known that Lu Man would directly interrupt it

“Stop for a while first,” Han Zhuoli said in a low voice.

Sun Changfang looked at Zhang Guangtao and the rest, gloating at their misfortune.

Them giving 10 marks was not following the rules at all.

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