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“Manager Hao did well!” someone in the audience seats shouted.

“Sun Changfang, you can give low marks, but you wont allow others to give high marks Was the competition organized by you”

“This competition is sponsored by the Han Corporation.

Who are you”

“Get lost!”

“Get lost!”

“If the competition were being held by your family, then do what you want.

If not, stop acting smart!”

Hao Zhonghai laughed very happily.

Dai Yiran squinted her eyes.

Han Zhuoli was sitting at the VIP seats and Hao Zhonghai dared to give such a high score

Last time, after Lu Mans performance, he gave 9.8.

This time, he directly gave 10.

Was he not scared that after he returned, Han Zhuoli would scold him

At that moment, Hao Zhonghai looked in the direction of Han Zhuoli.

Dai Yiran smiled mockingly.

Hao Zhonghai finally knew fear

Sadly, Han Zhuoli was sitting at the first row.

Dai Yiran could see only the back of Han Zhuoli and could not see his expression.

Actually, when Hao Zhonghai looked over, Han Zhuoli smiled approvingly at him.

Hao Zhonghai was totally at ease with what he was doing right now.

“Next, may we invite Teacher Zhang Guangtao to give his marks” the emcee said.

Zhang Guangtao smiled and showed his marks.

10 points!

Another 10 points!

The audience yelled in happiness and clapped.

Sun Changfang laughed coldly.

“Teacher Zhang, you cant be showing favoritism because Lu Man is a student from the National Film Academy.”

Zhang Guangtao was so angry that he laughed.

“I just grade according to the students performance.

From my point of view, Lu Mans performance is worthy of the 10 points in my hand.”

Zhang Guangtao paused, then coldly said, “Based on what youve said, can I take it that because Lu Man is not a student from your Donghua Academy of Drama, you gave her an unreasonably low score”

“Youre the one whos practicing favoritism and youre wrongly accusing me” Sun Changfang said angrily.

Zhang Guangtao calmly flipped open a notebook next to his hand.

“I wont talk about the second round of competitions temporarily because there are still a lot of students who have yet to compete.

Ill first talk about the first round of competitions that had already been completed.”

“To my schools Fu Kaiqi, you gave 8.2 points.

Xu Ziyi, 8.1 points.

Li Zeyu, 8.5 points.

Dong Jingxi, 8.3 points.

Ni Xue, 8.1 points.

Yang Ruilin, 8.2 points.

Meng Yihan, 8.1 points.

Lu Man, 7.9 points.

The highest is only 8.5 points.

There is actually no one who exceeded 8.5 points,” Zhang Guangtao said calmly.

Originally, before Zhang Guangtao brought it up, no one had noticed.

During the first round, everyones attention had been attracted by Lu Mans low score of 7.9, and because the timing between the other peoples competitions had been spread out and the opponents mostly performed ordinarily, their eight-point-something marks seemed quite good.

But when Zhang Guangtao put all the scores together and stated them out loud, they realized in shock that Sun Changfang had never given the National Film Academy students high marks.

It was just that he was especially bad towards Lu Man.

“Now, lets talk about the marks you gave the students of Donghua Academy of Drama,” Zhang Guangtao continued.

“Enough!” Sun Changfangs face had changed.

Zhang Guangtao did not bother to acknowledge him at all and went on to say, “Donghua Academy of Drama students first-round competition results: Wu Zilin, 9.3.

Guo Changfeng, 9.0.

Zhou Li, 9.1.

Zou Mingkai—”

“Enough!” Sun Changfang shouted in a loud voice, interrupting Zhang Guangtao.

Zhang Guangtao also felt that it was enough; there was already sufficient evidence.

As expected, the audience got worked up again.

“What the heck!”

“And he still dares to say that we dont know anything That hes professional”

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