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Principal Liu looked at the three of them angrily.

Principal Liu did not believe that their schools did not know what the actions of these three judges were all about.

“After the competition, I will have you all give me an explanation!” Principal Liu said in a low voice to the Drama Academy and the other two schools principals.

Lu Man was a very popular choice for the number one spot.

Could it be that she was being oppressed by these three *ssholes

Han Zhuolis face was already so black that it was like he could drip out black ink.

He stood up to give a call to Zheng Tianming, and not long after, he sat back down again.

Sun Changfang did not care about how unsatisfied the audience was.

He was gloating as he looked at the Lu Man on stage.

It was like he was saying: “Didnt you say that you have absolute power and that you arent scared of being oppressed by people Now that there are three low marks, I want to see how you can still be so arrogant!”

Lu Man stood calmly on stage, not worried at all, looking at Sun Changfang like she was looking at a clown.

Her reaction angered Sun Changfang.

Lu Man was calm, but Sun Changfangs gloating could not be hidden.

Lu Man was on her own yet daring to fight with the judges

But Lu Mans calmness seemed to have infected the audience off stage, causing them to slowly calm down.

When the emcee saw it, she hurried to say, “May we invite Mr.

Hao Zhonghai to show his marks”

Manager Hao of the Han Corporation hurried to show his marks.

10 points!

The emcee was shocked again!

She deeply felt that after she was done doing this emceeing gig, she needed to go and have her heart checked.

Such big rises and falls were really too tiring for it.

Sun Changfang hurriedly turned around, almost spraining his neck.

What was going on with this Hao Zhonghai!

Was something wrong with him!

Previously, he gave Lu Man 9.8, which was almost full marks.

This time, he did give Lu Man full marks!

Upon seeing Manager Haos marks, the audience off stage became all worked up again.

They did not know who started first; it seemed everyone had started to clap together.

More and more people were being moved, and even the people who were not Lu Mans fans were moved to clap their hands.

They applauded until their palms were all red.

Only Dai Yiran did not clap with them.

Her face was ugly as she watched the stage.

So what even if one person gave her a 10

If they averaged out the mark, it was still just 8.2.

But despite that, it made her angry.

Sun Changfang hit the table.

“Manager Hao, your marks are too much! How can you give 10 marks!”

“Why do you care what score I give” Hao Zhonghai did not even look at him properly.

He just looked at him from the side and very rudely rolled his eyes.

“No matter how well Lu Man acts, you can give her 7.2.

Why cant I give her 10 Didnt you say it just now You cant interfere in how the judges give marks.

I can give however high a score as I want.

If you arent happy, then just make your own competition.

You can give high marks to those you like and give low marks to those you dont like.”

Sun Changfang was so angry he almost wanted to press his chest.

Hao Zhonghai was trying to return his words to him without changing anything!

All of this was what Sun Changfang himself said, and now, even if he wanted to say something back, he could not.

What else could Hao Zhonghai mean

How could Sun Changfang mock him for giving whoever he liked high marks when, because he did not like Lu Man, he gave her such low marks

But even though it actually was like that, he could not let Hao Zhonghai say it like that!

Following that, they heard Hao Zhonghai say, “Anyway, Im giving marks based on my conscience.”

“What is the meaning of this!” Sun Changfang could not stand it anymore.

Was Hao Zhonghai trying to say that Sun Changfang had gone against his conscience and given out low marks

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