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“How is he being strict!” There were some people in the audience whod become angry.

“They had the same role in the same show, but even though Ni Xues acting was a lot worse than Lu Mans, he gave Ni Xue an 8.5.

He actually gave just 7.2 to Lu Man Sun Changfang is really losing more and more of his morals!”

“Sun Changfang, get down!” No one knew who shouted first.

There were a lot of audience members who were yelling alongside that.

The security officers had to be activated to make sure order would be maintained.

“Even Huang Yilun said Lu Man had acted well! Can Sun Changfang be compared to Huang Yilun Hes just a judge, does he think that hes really good! If he has the ability, he should go and compete with Huang Yilun using his acting skills!”

“He doesnt have any acting skills at all.

If he really acted well, why isnt he famous”

“Hes lacking a lot compared to Huang Yilun!”

The security officer expressed again that if they continued to make noise, then he would have them sent out.

He managed to control the situation with much difficulty.

Sun Changfang thickened his skin and maintained his calm.

Actually, he had wanted to give even lower marks, originally.

Before Lu Mans performance, he had planned on giving Lu Man only six-point-something marks.

But Lu Man acted too well, and it would not be good for him to give a score that was too low.

Thus, he just gave 7.2.

Yet whod have thought that that would cause the audience to react so adversely

But since Dai Rongcheng had personally asked him to do it, no matter what, he needed to give Dai Rongcheng face and not let Lu Man do well.

It was alright for him to be scolded a bit, anyway.

He would not lose a piece of meat.

They can just consider it as Lu Man being unlucky.

Who asked her to not have such a good background like Dai Yiran

“May we invite Teacher Li Lingmei to show her marks” the emcee said at that moment.

Li Lingmei did not think that the audiences reaction against the scoring would be so big.

How high Lu Mans marks were, whether she could get past this stage or not, what did it have to do with them!

Why were they randomly making trouble!

But because of that, Li Lingmei did not dare to give Lu Man too low a score.

After pondering over the 7.2 that Sun Changfang had given Lu Man, Li Lingmei gave her 7.5 marks.

The audience at the scene exploded.

“Whats wrong with this group of people!”

“Does Li Lingmei not have even the most basic ability to assess things”

“Sun Changfang gave 7.2, Li Lingmei gave 7.5, what are these group of people doing!”

“This is unfair to Lu Man! They are not fairly giving marks, they are trying to oppress Lu Man!”

“Right, they are trying to oppress her!”

“Theres been some kind of shady deal!”

“This competition has a shady plot!”

“What are you guys making so much noise for!” Sun Changfang hit the table, taking the microphone to speak loudly and drown the voices of the audience.

“Do you all want to interfere with the judges giving their marks Do the judges need to listen to you all when giving marks Could it be that it will only be fair when we listen to the audience We have our own reasons and interpretations.

You guys are just audience members.

You are not professional teachers, so what do you know!”

The audience got angry.

“We dont know, but we know that Lu Man had acted well, even better than Ni Xue did!”

“We judges who are giving marks wont be affected by the audiences wishes! A lot of the people competing this time are very popular, with a lot of fans.

If we go against our conscience and give high marks because we are scared of the fans, what would the meaning of the competition be” Sun Changfang said, seemingly upright.

“If we adjust our marks because of the pressure given by the audience, how could there be any meaning in this competition Why dont we let you guys give marks instead What are judges for anyway!”

“When you are unsatisfied, you force the judge to change the score given.

How laughable! This is a competition, not some game! If we behave like some people, unhappy with our own marks and giving pressure to the judges, should this competition even continue or not You might as well have your own competition and give yourself full marks! Why is it that when we give out marks for some people, others dont have an opinion, but when the judgment lands on someone else, they are always unhappy”

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