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Chapter 746: Han Zhuoli Was Definitely Not Here to Look at Talents

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In the blink of an eye, it became the day of Lu Mans second round of competitions.

Lu Man was in the fifth group, and shed gone to see the competitions during the first four days.

The day before, she came to pick a script and picked Wu Zetians1 character.

After she finished drawing her script, she came to realize in shock that Ni Xue had chosen the same character and it was the same show.

It was just that the scene and lines were not the same as they were from another part of the same show.

After Ni Xue finished performing, she received a lot of praise from people, saying that she acted very well.

Although she was still lacking compared to the guest actor, Ni Xues performance was not bad, and so she had managed to pass this round after yesterdays performance.

Li Zeyu had also passed the round.

And so, util the fourth group, the National Film Academy already had two people in the next round, and the National Drama Academy also had two people to get through this round.

Principal Liu and Principal Zhang were also competing here to see who had more students passing this round.

And today, Principal Zhang and Principal Liu were sitting on the VIP seats, showing relaxed looks.

Principal Liu did not understand.

He was relaxed because it was Lu Man competing today.

Lu Man was competing, and there was nothing to worry about at all.

She would definitely make a sweeping win.

Principal Liu was not worried about losing at all.

But why was Principal Zhang so happy and so relaxed

One must know that Lu Mans group today was called the group of death.

Their National Film Academy had two students in it, and there was one from the National Drama Academy, one from the Donghua Academy of Drama, and another from the National Media University.

How bad the competition was, it was easy to understand.

Could it be that this person with a surname Zhang was pretending to be relaxed

Principal Liu was too lazy to think anymore.

And Principal Zhang thought that Lu Man would easily lose today~

Dai Yiran had specially bought tickets today, just wanting to see how Lu Man would lose.

She wanted to see Lu Mans expression with her own eyes after she saw those three judges give her low marks.

Dai Yiran had even bought the tickets that were closer to the front.

She did not manage to buy tickets in the VIP section because she was too late.

With Dong Jingxi and the rests fans present, the tickets in the VIP areas were already sold out.

Even Dai Rongcheng was not able to do anything.

If there were additional tickets, it would have been alright to even give them to him for free.

The problem was that there was no more.

There was not a single ticket available, and they could not snatch it from their audiences hands, right

And so, although the Chinese Arts Championships did not get broadcasted on media outlets, because of the popularity of the participants, they still were being watched by a lot of people.

And at the event location, the media area was full of media reporters.

After a while, Old Mr.

Han, Old Mrs.

Han, Shen Nuo, Xia Qingwei, and Han Zhuolis aunt, Lin Liye, also arrived.

Han Zhuofeng was also there.

Although there were lessons, he used his thick skin to follow them, using the reason of wanting to support his sister-in-law and to cheer his sister-in-law on.

Han Zhuoli had his people give VIP tickets to them.

When it was almost time to start, the audience members were all chatting when there came movements from the VIP seats closest to the front.

Everyone looked over curiously.

They saw the principals in the VIP seats all stand up.

“Young Master Han, why did you come to see it as well” the Principal Guan of the National Media University asked with a smile.

“Its almost the finals.

Those who are left now are all good talents, so I came over to take a look.” Han Zhuoli smiled mildly.

Only Principal Liu smiled and showed an “I understand” expression.

Han Zhuoli was definitely not here to look at talents; he was here to look at Lu Man.

The audience gave him the middle seat that was closest to the stage, and Han Zhuoli sat down.

The various principals were all taking the chance to interact with Han Zhuoli, hoping they could send their outstanding students to the Han Corporation.

Even if they could not, perhaps Han Zhuoli would remember their names.

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