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After she got on stage, there was only the spotlight shining on Lu Man.

Lu Man kept her eyes looking forward, as if she was looking at the daughter in the movie.

From silent choking to weak and slow kneeling, from long and slow sniffing to rapid sobbing, tears burst out in a flash.

She looked towards the air as if her daughter who had a grudge against her was standing there.

“Let me apologize to you.”

“Where did you come out from Ah All these years, why did you not send me a single letter”

“I was missing the two of you every day! Ive missed you two for 32 years.”

Lu Mans sniffing became worse and worse, and she raised her two hands to cup the face in front of her that was non-existent.

She used her ability to tell the judges that, even if there were no actors acting opposite her, even if there was no one, towards empty air, she could still act!

After that, as it was hanging in the air, it seemed like her hand had been shrugged off by her daughter.

Lu Man fell to the ground, but she still raised her head to look forward.

There were suppressed emotions, self-blame, guilt, and she cried without caring about how she looked.

“Oh my gosh! She really acted so well!”

“This is the best performance Ive seen today!”

“To be honest, I was watching half of the performances before this while taking them as a joke.

There were quite a few who became dazed as soon as they got on the stage, not even being able to say a single sentence.

There were some who at least acted, but they acted too boringly, not even in it at all.

I was about to fall asleep.”

“It feels like the people just now are not on the same level as Lu Man at all.”

“Thankfully, its not two people acting together.

Otherwise, whoever was acting with Lu Man would not have been able to shine at all.”

“Its the first time Ive seen this kind of acting style alone, too brilliant.”

“I had that kind of feeling like there was actually someone in front of her.”

“Really, I felt that too.”

“Dont say it like that, it really scares me.”

Lu Man slowly stood up, then wiped her tears dry and adjusted her emotions in time.

He Shuxin said in shock, “Lu Man, your acting skills are at a textbook level already.

I would just like to say that its not fair to other students to have put you in this competition.”

My gosh!

This review was really too great!

It was equivalent to saying that she could not be treated like an ordinary student.

Sun Changfang said, “Teacher He is exaggerating a bit.

Lu Mans control of her emotion is also quite good.

I saw how she pulled herself out from her acting emotions very quickly at the end as well.

That is hard to come by.

But in terms of grasp on the lines, you are still a bit lacking.”

He Shuxins lips twitched.

Sun Changfang was nitpicking here, trying to find a mistake even when there wasnt any.

It was like if he could not say theres something lacking, then he would not be able to show his skill as a judge.

To speak the truth, if Sun Changfang were the one who acted this scene, he might not have been as good as Lu Man.

“I dont really agree with Teacher Suns opinion,” Zhang Guangtao said.

“Dont forget that Lu Man does not have anyone to act against.

With this kind of single-person acting, it is very hard to control your pacing, and you also have to control the pacing of the actor that is supposed to be acting opposite you.

This is also a competition with only 10 minutes of performing time, and it originally cannot be like in the movies, where scenes go through editing, adding background music, different filming angles, and so on.

These kinds of additional things add to the performance and emotions.

You can only use your performance here, and Lu Man has already done very well.”

“You all have too low expectations,” Sun Changfang said as he smiled while also shaking his head, feeling like the other people were not being sincere enough, just trying to give confidence to the younger generation, not wanting them to feel upset.

But the truth was, they did not!

“Alright, since we cant convince each other, lets vote,” Zhang Guangtao said in a low voice.

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