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“Right! I didnt lie to you guys, right Older Sister Lu Man is really very good.” Xu Ningxian was especially proud because she did not become a fan of the wrong person this time!

As the head of Lu Mans fan club, her duties were especially big.

She was the one who gathered Lu Mans fans and then brought them to the event location.

Because of her scar from Yu Xingzhou, although Xu Ningxian knew that Lu Man was definitely not like Yu Xingzhou, she was scared that after Lu Man became famous, she would become distant from her fans and cause her fans to be disappointed.

But Lu Man was as nice as usual and did not change.

This caused fans to feel that they were fans of the correct person!

Even she as the president was motivated to be even more hard-working!

But the other peoples fans nearby were not very happy.

Just now, when Ni Xue got down from the car, she just waved at them and smiled.

Ni Xues fan club president was especially scared that when the treatments were compared, the fans in her club would be disappointed and unhappy.

She laughed coldly.

“Ha, what is she acting for! Only she remembers her fans and gets along with them The others are all dumb Why did only she come over Thats because the others have team spirit.

They are participating in the event together, its not good to leave other people to come over.

If everyone did that, wont it be a mess”

Initially, as fans, they really did not feel good in their hearts and were especially envious of the next-door people, watching as they managed to talk to their idol while they were still yelling their idols name with all their might, just hoping that the other party would turn back.

After listening to the fan club president say that, they instantly felt that there was a reason for what their idol did.

On the other hand, it was Lu Man who, to curry favor with her fans, showed that she was not the same.

She did not follow the rules and care about the team.

Too disgusting.

But there was still a small voice in their heart saying that they hoped that their idol would be able to break the rules for them for a bit.

But they still supported the presidents words.

“Thats right, too pretentious, just pretending to be friendly.”

Xu Ningxians side was extremely angry. Oh, our idol came to play with us and chat with us, and its become that shes pretending to be friendly

They wanted to argue back but Xu Ningxian stopped them.

Xu Ningxian smiled coldly.

“Its no problem.

We like Lu Man pretentiously thinking of us, pretentiously chatting with us, pretentiously contacting Director Ji Cheng for us.

This kind of pretentious idol, we really like! Your idol is straightforward and not pretentious and does not bother to acknowledge you.

How great!”

Goddess of Furys fan club: “…”

Their president was extremely good at speaking.

No wonder she could be the president of the fan club.

The other fans were extremely angry.

“We just said a few sentences.

What kind of attitude do you guys have!”

“Haha.” Xu Ningxian was smiling coldly.

“We did not say anything bad about your idol, so dont bring us into this.

How your idol is like, you guys can deal with that yourself.”

Liang Xiaoyi and the rest were here to see Lu Man.

The fans next to them were all young girls and looked like children to them.

They did not want to lower themselves to that standard.

“Lets go in and find a seat first,” Liang Xiaoyi said.

Xu Ningxian nodded.

Liang Xiaoyi and the rest protected the girls as they entered the school using their tickets.


Lu Man followed Teacher Liang to meet up with Zhang Xiaoying and the rest.

Actually, Zhang Xiaoying and the rest did not even wait that long.

It was just a minute or two.

Lu Man still said apologetically, “Sorry, I made you guys wait.”

Ni Xue, as the Year Four senior, said, “Lu Man, even though the competition has officially started and we are all competitors, we are a team now.

We need to move as a team.”

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