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Why was it that she would not miss out on everything!

There were also people scolding themselves in their hearts: Who asked you not to have a good memory!

To actually go and mock Lu Man!

Did you not get hit in your face enough Was it not swollen enough

Today, Lu Mans lessons were in the morning.

After ending her lessons at noon, Lu Man went home to find Xia Qingwei.

She had also told Xia Qingwei about the fact that the Chinese Arts Championships was about to begin.

At night, Han Zhuoli came to fetch Lu Man after work and also decided to stay there to eat a meal.

“I wonder if the tickets are easy to buy” Xia Qingwei asked.

“Man Man, where do I buy the tickets Tell me, is there a phone application”

“You want to go and watch” Han Zhuoli asked.


Before this, when Man Man went to film, it was not good for me to go there to bother her.

And when filming was done, it was all edited already, it is different from watching it live.

I want to watch how Man Man acts live.

This time, arent tickets being sold to the public I was thinking that if the tickets are easy to buy, Ill buy all the tickets when Man Man is competing and watch every show,” Xia Qingwei explained with a smile.

“Why would you want to buy it Thats troublesome.

The Chinese Arts Championships are being invested in by the Han Corporation.

It is not hard to get tickets,” Han Zhuoli said while smiling, and after he said that, a phone call came in.

“Grandma,” Han Zhuoli said after picking it up.

“Zhuoli, Lu Man is about to compete, right” Old Mrs.

Han directly asked.


It officially starts this Friday.”

“Help me get a few tickets.

Me, your grandpa, your mom, and your auntie,” Old Mrs.

Han said.

“Grandma, I want one too!” Han Zhuofengs voice rang through the phone.

Old Mrs.

Han turned her head back to hit him.

“Go for your lessons!”

“Its alright for me to occasionally miss one or two lessons.

Furthermore, there is a possibility that the competition would not clash with the class! Anyway, just buy the ticket first! As long as I have one, we can just talk about it if I have class,” Han Zhuofeng said.

The Old Mrs.

Han finally agreed, then told Han Zhuoli, “Then get one ticket for Zhuofeng too.”

Han Zhuoli smiled.

“What a coincidence, Mother-in-law also wants to see it.

Alright, Ill get you a few tickets.”


The Chinese Arts Championships officially began on Friday.

Lu Man and the other students from their school participating in the competition took the big bus to head towards the National Drama Academy.

When she got on the bus, the looks everyone was giving Lu Man were a bit strange.

After all, they had gone through rounds and rounds of judging before they got here, and Lu Man had not even participated in the selection yet directly had an internally set direct pass.

Those who were present there were all currently popular new actors and actresses who had already become famous in the entertainment industry, and there were a few who were even representatives of the new generation.

Even though they had followed the rules of the school when they entered the school and not taken up any roles, it did not affect their popularity.

To stand out, though their acting skills were perhaps not mature enough, their stage manners were much better than ordinary students, so they managed to win.

But even they, when they saw Lu Man, this “special existence,” did not feel very good in their heart.

Lu Man was not as popular as they were.

She did not have as many fans as they did, did not have as big an impact as they did.

Yet this person who was inferior in all ways actually got the special treatment that they did not get.

This kind of special treatment was actually not very helpful to them, anyway.

Their own ability and influence were enough.

They were still here now, anyway.

But getting a special treatment proved that they were different from others.

Who wouldnt want to be outstanding, to be better than others

Yet the chance now had been taken by Lu Man.

No one had discussed it beforehand, but naturally, the other eight people became a group and ostracized Lu Man.

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