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After saying that, he looked towards Lu Man.

Lu Man brought Han Zhuoli to sit in the frontmost row, where name cards of the school leaders and of Han Zhuoli were pasted on the back of the seats.

“Sit.” Han Zhuoli pointed at the seats next to him.

Lu Man criticized in her heart, this man was play-acting so well.

“Why did you come” Lu Man asked in a low voice after sitting down.

Han Zhuoli laughed once.

“If I didnt come, how could I have gotten to see your old lover wanting to get back together with you”

Lu Man: “…”

“How can you not know about how disgusting He Zhengbai is” Lu Man said helplessly.

“I dont know, why dont you tell me” He wanted to hear Lu Man talk bad about He Zhengbai.

It would be best if she talked until He Zhengbai was reduced to nothing.

“It is obvious that hes seeing the good in me only now, and with my connection with Director Sun and Director Ji, he feels that I have value to be used.

Even though Lu Qiyuan himself did not notice, the truth is that the Lu Family has already been totally played around and messed up by you.

He Zhengbai is a smart person, how could he not know I also have no idea what kind of illness he has, suddenly finding me likeable.”

“I know,” Han Zhuoli suddenly said.

Lu Man turned her head to look over, and Han Zhuoli said seriously, “You are so pretty, of course he will like you.

Anyone with eyes knows that you look good.

Although He Zhengbai is dumb, he is not blind.”

Lu Man: “…”

This man!

His mouth was sweet, yet he said the sudden praise so seriously, causing people to believe him instinctively.

Hed said the words of praise so smoothly and naturally, not like he was purposely trying to get on her good side.

No one else could do it like that.

Lu Mans lips could not help but curve upwards.

Older men are actually also quite cute!

Han Zhuoli was still a bit angry, but when he turned to look at Lu Man, he found that the girl was really too beautiful and thought it would be better to hide her somewhere so he could feel at ease.

Just look at this situation.

It hadnt been long, but her ex-fiance had already begun to regret it.

There was no use regretting it!

Lu Mans lips twitched, then she said in a low voice, “Anyway, I dont like him.

Originally, I was planning on ignoring him and leaving with Pan Xue to sit somewhere else.

But just when we were planning to leave, I saw Lu Qi come over.

At that time, when Lu Qi saw me standing with He Zhengbai, she acted like shes caught him cheating.

Since she wanted to catch him cheating so much, I put on a show to let her see it.

Theyre such a horrible pair of man and woman, of course I cant let them live well! So, I led He Zhengbai to say certain things.”

Han Zhuoli raised his eyebrow, his tone not friendly when he said, “What did you lead him to say”

Lu Man: “…”

“He Zhengbai had yet to say it out loud.” Lu Man felt that her wish to live had become even stronger.

“Anyway, Lu Qi probably misunderstood a bit, let them go and argue it out.

It would be best if they made so much trouble and tortured each other that they both could not live well.”

It was only then that Han Zhuolis expression became happier.

When their interaction was seen by outsiders who did not know anything, Han Zhuoli appeared to be stern, unsmiling, and really not easy to curry favor with.

Only Lu Man was actively smiling and introducing things to him.

Zhang Xiaoying pursed her lips.

She was so envious, her lips were too tense and were trembling.

“Lu Man sucking up to people is too horrible-looking,” Zhuang Tingting said at the side.

Zhang Xiaoying sneered, “Ha, shes just shameless.”

“Look at her look, she definitely isnt introducing anything at all.

Doing her best to garner favor with Han Zhuoli, how disgusting.” Zhuang Tingting was also extremely jealous.

“What right does she have to become the student representative without participating in any internal school competition Could Red Tiger be enough for her to eat for the rest of her life”

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