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Chapter 710: Lu Man Was Just Fooling with Him

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She was so straightforward and blunt with him because she was actually still feeling stubborn.

In fact, she still couldnt forget her feelings towards him.

Lu Man was actually looking at him with a very calm gaze, but in an instant, in He Zhengbais eyes, it had become a meaningful and emotional gaze.

He looked at Lu Man and his gaze softened.

It became even harder to hide his happiness and excitement.

It turned out that he wasnt the only one who couldnt forget about the other person!

They both still had each other in their hearts, ultimately.

“Man Man, I—” He Zhengbai was so emotional he almost blurted out that, as long as Lu Man was willing to, he would break up with Lu Qi immediately and get back together with Lu Man again.

Besides, the Lu Man now wasnt the same as before.

She was capable, she was pretty, she was now very well-connected because she was now under the Han Corporation and had worked on Greedy Wolf Operation and Red Tiger .

He even received a reliable piece of news that Sun Yiwu had even decided to treat her as his niece.

Based on this relationship she had, if he got together with Lu Man, as long as Lu Man just spoke a bit to Sun Yiwu, he would definitely help him out with his career.

Lu family

What was the Lu family even worth!

Rumors had it that the Lu family was going to fall.

Lu Qiyuan was currently in the south, anxiously stuck in a mess.

That day, he went to the Lu family to figure out if this was true.

As expected, he could tell that Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi kept avoiding his questions and tried to change the topics.

Therefore, when he left the Lu family, he went to find someone to investigate this matter.

As expected, something cropped up at Lu Corporations most important main processing factory.

Because of this, Lu Corporation was almost certainly going to fail.

He was still watching whether Lu Qiyuan could overcome this crisis.

However, he didnt really have much patience towards Lu Qi anymore.

He was becoming more and more sick of her.

Comparing her to Lu Man, he found that the difference between them was really too great.

He Zhengbai was still calculating and planning.

Since Lu Man still couldnt forget her feelings for him, and right now he still didnt plan on giving up Lu Qi, then he would secretly date Lu Man first, just like back when he was dating Lu Man and secretly dated Lu Qi too.

When the time was ripe, he would break up with Lu Qi and get the best of both worlds.

He believed that as long as Lu Man still loved him, she would definitely be willing to have to just suffer a little for him.

Just when He Zhengbai was about to confess to Lu Man, Lu Qis voice called from behind.


Lu Qi was on her way to the backstage to prepare for the competition but ended up seeing He Zhengbai and Lu Man standing together.

She walked over and heard He Zhengbai saying what he did.

Lu Qi was extremely livid.

If she hadnt called out to stop him, what was He Zhengbai going to say to Lu Man

Her instincts told her that He Zhengbai had wanted to confess to Lu Man.

Then, if that happened, what about her

What would she do!

She was indeed curious about what He Zhengbai would say, but she was even more afraid of what he would say, so she hurriedly interrupted He Zhengbai.

Lu Qi strode over, her face green with anger.

He Zhengbai turned around in shock and fear.

“Qi Qi”

“Zhengbai, what were you about to say to Lu Man” Lu Qi asked.

Lu Man laughed sarcastically.

“He was probably thinking of telling me that he still hasnt forgotten about it and wanted to be together with me, but he still couldnt break up with you right now, so he could only date me secretly, just like what he did with you back then.”

He Zhengbais face flushed bright red.

He didnt expect that Lu Man had already figured out his thoughts.

Now, it was clear as day that Lu Man was just fooling with him!

She must have seen Lu Qi walking towards them just now and intentionally lured him to say those words.

No wonder Lu Man had changed her attitude so suddenly.

He must have been blinded by the rush of happiness and joy he felt just now and didnt see it.

Right now, Lu Mans mocking expression was even more painful to see.

“Lu Qi, keep a good eye on him, dont let him self-assumingly come out trying to flirt, thinking that he is so handsome and dashing.” Lu Man scoffed and side-eyed He Zhengbai with much contempt.

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