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Chapter 709: Do You Still Like Me

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“Thats because our school and the National Drama Academy are the top choices for all thefresh meat 1 and budding starlets every year.

The two Year Ones in our school this year, for instance.

Xu Ziyi and Fu Kaiqi are both really popular.

Our class has you and Zhang Xiaoying, and there is Li Zeyu and Dong Jingxi in Year Three and Meng Yihan in Year Four.

Each and every one of them has a massive amount of fans.

Fu Kaiqi and Li Zeyu have an exceptionally large amount.

The ticket prices for the sessions that theyll be competing in will definitely sky-rocket.”

“Also, the National Drama Academy has Chen Cong, Yang Ruitian, Yu Lexin, and Chang Yachen.

They might not be as popular as the ones in our school, but they do have a substantial number of die-hard fans,” Pan Xue said, as if she was naming the treasures in her house.

“When the time comes, I would see how much the ticket costs.

If it isnt too expensive, I will buy a ticket and support you guys there.”

This time, the Chinese Arts Championships were held in City B.

As the National Drama Academy has a large theater, the competition will be held at the National Drama Academy this time.

He Zhengbai walked into the auditorium.

When he found a seat, he saw that Lu Man and Pan Xue were sitting there chatting.

He didnt know what they were talking about, but Lu Man was smiling really happily.

Her eyes were curved into little crescents; her teeth were a neat row of white, and her cheeks were tainted a faint pink.

He Zhengbais heart fired up.

He recalled that day outside the Lu familys house where he embraced Lu Qi and kissed her, but in his daze had imagined Lu Qi as Lu Man instead.

He Zhengbai right now still didnt realize one thing: what you cant get is the best.

Before he could even react, he had started walking towards Lu Man as if he was possessed.

His gaze narrowed straight onto Lu Man.

If it wasnt… if it werent for how Lu Man was too lousy back then, if Lu Man were just as beautiful back then, as well as so capable, he definitely wouldnt have abandoned Lu Man and went for Lu Qi instead.

Lu Man was speaking to Pan Xue.

Her back was facing He Zhengbai so she didnt see him walking over.

Pan Xue saw him and hurriedly tugged onto Lu Mans sleeve.

“He Zhengbai is coming over.”

Lu Man frowned.

She wanted to pretend that she didnt see He Zhengbai.

Pan Xue said, “He looks like hes here to look for you.

Should we go sit somewhere else”

“That would be good too.” Lu Man started looking for another seat elsewhere.

“Lu Man.” He Zhengbais voice had already called from behind her, however.

Lu Man and Pan Xue were already both standing up, ready to leave, but He Zhengbai had walked over.

“Lu Man, where are you guys going”

“Of course to somewhere without you,” Lu Man said impolitely.

“Lu Man, even if we couldnt become lovers, weve at least known each other for more than ten years.

Cant we just be old friends” Lu Man probably still havent forgotten about him, right If not, why would her reaction be so drastic

Lu Man said with irritation, “Weve only known each other for more than ten years, but there are also people who go their separate ways after knowing each other for more than ten years.

Why should I have to be friends with you Stop annoying me!”

He Zhengbai sighed.

“No matter what, Lu Man, you are different to me.

If you face any difficulties, just let me know, I will definitely help you out.”

Lu Man originally wanted to leave, but she saw that Lu Qi was walking towards them.

She curled her lips upwards.

“Different How am I different He Zhengbai, dont forget, you are together with Lu Qi now.”

“Lu Man, I know that you are angry with me, but you are ultimately my first love.


“Do you still like me” Lu Man asked suddenly.

He Zhengbais pupils wavered.

He didnt expect that Lu Man would ask this so bluntly.

Watching Lu Man stare straight at him in the eye, it was like she… she really still havent forgotten about him.

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