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But Lu Man only had good points.

It made her calves look even skinnier and even straighter.

Her skirt flew with the wind above her calves, and the sunlight shining on her calves made her skin so fair, as if it was glowing.

The image of Lu Man in his mind became even clearer.

The Lu Qi in his arms felt like it was Lu Man.

He felt Lu Mans entire body become soft and gentle.

He Zhengbai suddenly thought that he was hugging Lu Man and kissed her even deeper.

He placed his hand at the back of Lu Qis waist and unconsciously squeezed her against his waist, squeezing her harder each time.

He put in more and more strength, desperately wishing that he could fit her entirely into his body.

Still wanting more, he suddenly pushed Lu Qi against the wall and kissed her even more fiercely, almost swallowing her up entirely.

While Lu Qi was shocked, she was still really pleasantly surprised.

It had been a long while since He Zhengbai had been so passionate with her.

It was like… like he wanted her there and then.

He was so eager, so desperate, so urgent.

Lu Qi originally thought that He Zhengbais feelings towards her had already started to fade and was thinking about coming up with some plan to tie down He Zhengbais heart tighter, afraid that He Zhengbai wouldnt like her anymore over time.

Now, it looked like she was just overthinking.

Lu Qi was surprised and elated.

She didnt care that they were in public and kissed He Zhengbai back of her own accord.

Her hands inched upwards from his waist slowly and roamed around his back.

The words “Man Man” was right at the tip of He Zhengbais tongue, and just as he was about to moan that name, he pleasantly raised his eyelids slightly to squint at the person in his arms.

He was suddenly shocked back into his sense.

The person in his arms was Lu Qi!

Lu Mans small and delicate face disappeared, changing into Lu Qis face.

Back then, Lu Man intentionally hid her beauty to help Lu Qi stand out.

But now, compared to Lu Man, Lu Qi was completely not good-looking enough.

With Lu Mans face contrasting against hers, Lu Qis face surprisingly seemed rather ordinary.

He Zhengbai suddenly felt like he had lost his appetite and felt that it was boring.

He released Lu Qi from his arms.

Yet Lu Qi had been swept along by He Zhengbai just now and was really excited.

The kiss suddenly paused and she subconsciously chased after his lips, wanting to continue kissing him, but she was held back upright by He Zhengbai while he avoided her kiss.

Lu Qi frowned.

Her face was still filled with intense lust, her eyes dazed and distant.

“Whats wrong”

He Zhengbai forced out a smile.

“Its nothing.

Hurry back and start preparing.

Ill be leaving first.”

Ditching Lu Qi behind, He Zhengbai hurriedly dashed into his car and left, not even sparing Lu Qi one last glance.

Lu Qi furiously stomped her foot.

Even if he didnt admit it, she could still feel that there was something changing between her and He Zhengbai.

She couldnt understand exactly why.

At the start, He Zhengbai wasnt really very passionate, but he suddenly became so wild and crazy, so anxious and rushed, like… like when two people first get together.

But immediately, he became cold again.

The difference was too great, like they were two different people.


The first battle of the first day of finals of the intra-school competition began.

After the competition all ended, they will pick the top nine students with the highest scores.

Even though Lu Man had already qualified to participate in the inter-school competition, Zheng Yuan and Han Leilei were still chasing after the qualification to be able to participate in the inter-school competition, so Lu Man and Pan Xue both went to the venue to support and cheer them on.

Moreover, Lu Man also wanted to see how skilled the other students were.

She knew about the other students in her class, but she wasnt really sure about the situation among the Year Ones, Year Threes, and Year Fours.

Therefore, she wanted to use this opportunity to find out about her competitors abilities.

They found two seats in the auditorium and sat down.

Pan Xue said, “I heard that once the Chinese Arts Championships inter-school competition begins, even though it might not be broadcasted on television, they will still officially sell tickets to the public.”

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