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Chapter 704: Lu Man Didnt Get Chosen

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“After the semi-finals, 18 students will enter the finals.

For the sake of fairness, equality, and transparency, the finals will be held in the schools main hall.

During that time, all the students can come and watch.

The judges and teachers will grade them live and announce the results of the finals first-hand.

The competition would be completely transparent.

Whoever acted well or badly, those as the audience would definitely have their own ranking too.”

“Now, I will be revealing the list of students who will be entering the finals.” Teacher Liang started reading, “Year One Performance Class, Wang Nianru, Fu Kaiqi, Zhang Shanshan, Xu Ziyi.

Year Two Performance Class, Zhang Xiaoying, Lu Qi, Han Leilei, Zheng Yuan.

Year Three Performance Class, Fu Xuebin, Li Zeyu, Dong Jingxi, Luo Yijun, He Zhangze.

Year Four Performance Class, Liu Zijun, Ni Xue, Yang Ruilin, He Zhixuan, Meng Yihan.”

Teacher Liang finished reading the names and said, “I will paste the list of names at the back of the classroom.

Who your competitor is and which class they are from are all written clearly so that everyone can get to know each other.”

After speaking, Teacher Liang left the classroom.

The students who were chosen to enter the finals were naturally really happy, but everyone was even more concerned about something else.

“Why isnt Lu Man there”

“Lu Man actually didnt get chosen Thats impossible!”

“How is it impossible This shows that the results of her finals were largely due to luck.”

“Maybe she just thought that she did really well in her finals and got arrogant.

She became complacent and so her grades naturally fell.”

“Besides, this time, its purely just based on Performance alone.

Many people had pretty good grades in Performance, but their final grades were just pulled down because of the Cultural class.

Now, without Cultural Studies to make them lose points, they would naturally do better and push Lu Mans ranking down.”

“Haha, Lu Man was still so showy and impressive recently, thinking that she was so awesome.

Even with Red Tiger , she still couldnt get herself a direct nomination,” Zhuang Tingting said strangely.

“Xiaoying, its true, right”

“…” Zhang Xiaoying really didnt dare to answer.

She was genuinely afraid that she would get slapped in the face by Lu Man again.

Her expression wavered as she looked towards Lu Man.

Previously, Zhuang Tingting even said that the school had given out one direct nomination.

It couldnt… couldnt be Lu Man, right


How could Lu Man get a direct nomination

After all, the school didnt even give her, Zhang Xiaoying, one.

Other than her movie Red Tiger having good results, Lu Man didnt have any huge contributions to the school.

It definitely couldnt be Lu Man.

She was really getting dumb, shed even starting thinking nonsense.

Fan Xiyue, who started bearing a grudge for Lu Man because of the finals examination, also seized the opportunity and mocked her, “If it were me, I would definitely be too embarrassed to face anyone right now.

She started out at such a high point, but when it came to the crucial moment, she couldnt do it.

Xiaoying is still steady and consistent.

Every single time, she would live up to everyones expectations without fail.”

Lu Man raised her eyebrows lightly.

“Hehe,” she laughed lightly.

“You dont have to add aif, arent you already embarrassed enough to be unable to face me”

Fan Xiyues expression changed and she violently turned towards her.

“What are you looking at Lower your head.” Lu Man rolled her eyes dramatically at Fan Xiyue.

Fan Xiyue: “…”

“Pft!” Zheng Yuan and the other two burst out laughing.

Zheng Yuan secretively texted their WeChat group: “Hold on, everyone.

Definitely dont tell anyone that Lu Man didnt participate in the competition and directly went straight to the inter-school competitions! Especially Pan Xue, dont be impulsive!”

As the four of them were on good terms, they had already created a little group chat.

Pan Xue sent an emoji that showed she was rolling her eyes.

Then she typed, “Dont worry, I will definitely hold it in.”

Today, that was all for homeroom.

After that, everyone went their own ways.

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