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Chapter 697: Tonight, Just Wait

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“How would I know” Lu Qiyuan steeled his face, which was green with anger.

The neighbor said, “Dont you have an inkling why they didnt even tell you that they moved Hoho, even though I really couldnt bear seeing my longtime neighbor move away, I still have to say, they did the right thing! With an ex-husband like you who keeps coming back all day long looking for trouble, even I would have moved and gotten rid of you as soon as possible.

Why would they even tell a scumbag like you where they moved to For you to visit them over the Lunar New Year”

The man behind him overheard and said with disdain, “No wonder youve come here and immediately banged on my door like a madman, as if you are chasing me to repay a debt.

You think your ex-wife would still stay here With your attitude, any sane human would move.


After he spoke, he closed the door with a loud “bam.”

Right now, Lu Qiyuan completely didnt know where to look for Xia Qingwei.

He didnt have any clues at all.

He thought about going to the school to look for Lu Man, but it was Saturday today, a school holiday.

Lu Man definitely wouldnt be in school.

He could only head back and ask Lu Qi for her class schedule and find Lu Man at the school.

And right now, Lu Man was at Han Zhuolis home, preparing the longevity noodles for his birthday.

Han Zhuoli sat at the bar and watched.

“You said that you would celebrate my birthday for me.

Are you just going to cook me a bowl of noodles and thats it”

“…” Lu Man also felt a little apologetic about it.

“I honestly couldnt think about how to celebrate it.


When she was a child, she did celebrate her birthday when she was one and two years old, but that was when she couldnt remember anything.

What could she remember from a birthday she had when she was younger than two years old

After that, Lu Qiyuan used the excuse that he was busy with work, but in reality, he already had a little family with Xia Qingyang and had already forgotten about her birthday.

Back then, Lu Qiyuans company had just started.

Xia Qingwei couldnt give her a really grand birthday celebration either.

Therefore, it was only on her birthday that she would cook a bowl of longevity noodles and buy a birthday cake too.

During her birthdays, it was only her and Xia Qingwei.

Lu Qiyuan was never there.

And eventually, Lu Qiyuan divorced Xia Qingwei.

Xia Qingyang brought Lu Qi into the family.

Who would still remember her birthday

Xia Qingweis health wasnt good.

Even if she remembered, Lu Man also wouldnt have let Xia Qingwei make a grand affair out of it.

Therefore, she never celebrated her birthday after that.

She didnt know what to do when it came to celebrating birthdays.

She didnt know how to celebrate her own birthday, nor help others celebrate theirs.

They only thing she knew was that on her birthday, Xia Qingwei would cook her a bowl of noodles.

However, Lu Man didnt tell anyone about all these things.

Everything was good right now; it was meaningless speaking about the past.

However, Han Zhuoli thought about it.

After he met Lu Man for the first time, he got Zheng Tianming to investigate on Lu Man.

He investigated in detail everything that had happened to Lu Man since she was a child.

While he might not know about such details like birthdays, from Lu Mans smile yet silent reaction, he could roughly figure it out.

Han Zhuoli regretted what he had blurted out without thinking just now and suddenly stood up.

Propping himself up against the bar table with both his hands, he leaned forward and moved close before Lu Mans eyes.

Lu Man jumped in shock.

She almost cut the noodles wrongly.

Han Zhuoli quickly held her hand steady.

“To be honest, its good enough to have you celebrate my birthday with me.

At night…”

He lowered his voice.

His sexy laughter breathed into her ear.

“You are the best birthday present.”

Actually, this was pretty good too.

He didnt want any surprises.

It was good enough if the two of them spent a warm and cozy birthday at home together.

Lu Man smiled at Han Zhuoli.

“Tonight, just wait.”

Han Zhuoli blinked.

He was indeed a little unsure.

“So is there or is there not”

“Just wait and see.”

Han Zhuoli was really helpless.

He pinched her nose angrily.

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