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Chapter 687: Return to America

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There was another unfamiliar face.

It was probably a colleague theyd just hired.

Even though they recognized Lu Man, they were embarrassed to suddenly come up and act like they were close.

Among all of them, Xia Mengxuan wasnt around.

Lu Man asked, curious, “Xia Mengxuan isnt around”

“She jumped ship,” Sister Li said.

“She went to a medium-scale company.”

“She left Han Corporation and went to a smaller company instead”

“Isnt it just because she was scared Pft!” Sister Li chuckled lightly.

“After you left, the CEO didnt even care about Xia Mengxuan.

She was just a small fry.

Would the CEO even specifically find the time and attention to deal with her Thats impossible.

He completely didnt plan on doing anything to Xia Mengxuan, but Xia Mengxuan herself was so scared out of her wits that she just decided to resign and jump ship.”

Lu Man smiled.

She had already left so, naturally, she didnt even think about doing anything to Xia Mengxuan anymore.

In fact, she had even forgotten about this person.

Right now, there were still piles and piles of work waiting for her.

She was so busy.

It was probably the same for Han Zhuoli too.

Who would expect that Xia Mengxuan would scare herself instead

“Oh, right, did you know Wang Qianyun is going back to America,” Sister Li said.

“I didnt know that.

The scandal was just released today regarding Maxus Companys announcement that they would fire her, and she is returning to America so soon” Lu Man was surprised.

Wasnt she being a little too fast

“I heard that shes leaving tonight.

Maxus Companys Deputy CEO Ryan found a public relations team, right Coincidentally, one of them in there was my ex-colleague.” Sister Li also didnt work at Han Corporation from the start.

She also jumped ship from her original company.

“She told me that Maxus Company announced that they would fire Wang Juhuai and rid her of all her work.

At that time, Wang Juhuai wanted to argue with Ryan.

Everyone in their public relations team saw it.

Wang Juhuai always thought that with Wang Qianyun around, Maxus Company wouldnt fire her.

But this time, she had blown things up until they were really ugly and caused the company to lose too much.

Not only did the company suffer monetary losses, but their reputation was also tarnished greatly.

It wasnt even useful having Wang Juhuai either.

Maxus Companys CEO directly made a statement asking Wang Juhuai to immediately return to deal with the handover,” Sister Li said.

Lu Man wasnt afraid that Wang Qianyun would directly come back to China looking for work without her work in America holding her back.

Just based on those comments she said in the past, she shouldnt even dream of finding a job in China in the short term.

It had been a while since she came back.

Lu Man even ordered some coffee and chatted with them while they drank it.

However, not long later, maybe around 20 minutes, she also felt bad disturbing them from their work any longer and left to head to Han Zhuolis office.

As if he already knew that she would be coming, Zheng Tianming said, “Once you entered the company, CEO heard about it.

He has especially pushed aside all of his work and refused to meet any of the managers from all the departments.

He has just been waiting for you to come.”

“Ah” Lu Man suddenly felt bad for causing so much trouble.

“I was just worried that I would affect his schedule so I didnt mention it.

I just came here to take a look.

If hes busy, I will leave.

I even stayed at the Public Relations Department for a while.

If Id known about this earlier, I wouldnt have gone there.”

Zheng Tianming smiled and said, “Enter quickly.

There isnt anyone else in the office.”

Instead, this made Lu Man more fearful of entering.

She stood at the door of the office and took in two deep breaths, then opened the door carefully.

Once she stepped in, she saw Han Zhuoli working at his office desk.

Lu Man let out a sigh of relief.

It looked like she didnt affect too much of his work.

Right after she closed the door, Han Zhuoli said, “You were clearly here since earlier, why did you come in only now”

Lu Man walked over, feeling a little bad.

“I went to the Public Relations Department first and chatted with Sister Li and the others for a while.”

Recalling Zheng Tianmings words, Lu Man said guiltily, “Because you were waiting for me, it even affected your work.”

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