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Chapter 685: This Time, Its a Very Big Thing

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When Teacher Liang said that, aside from Zhang Xiaoying and Lu Man, the rest of the students were all moved and started to rub their fists and palms together.

“Ill also tell you the truth.

This time, although the competition is very important, whether you win first place or not is not that important.

The higher-ups of the Han Corporation will be there too.

If they see that you act well and have talent, and that you are passionate and willing to work hard, even if your looks are not good enough or you couldnt get a prize, theres a chance that if you are liked by the higher-ups in the Han Corporation, theyll ask you to sign.

People wont choose only the first placer.

The companies choosing celebrities to sign on consider all sorts of criteria.

Of course, is the first place really not important No.

Being the first placer in a big competition will not only look very good.

This time, the school has also decided that if you win first place in this competition, then you will directly be awarded the chance to learn to be a performer in the exchange student program with New York University.”

Everyone was shocked.

Why did the school place so much emphasis on the contest this time!

The Chinese Arts Championships that took place every four years were known to most of the students that wanted to enter these four big schools.

But they had never heard of being awarded a direct pass to the New York University as a performing arts exchange student in the previous competitions.

“To be able to be first in a big competition, the first among 23 schools, thats your honor as well as the schools honor.

Youll have brought honor for the school, and the school naturally will give you better resources and rewards.

Also, among the 23 schools, there are a lot of students whose looks are not that outstanding but have used their acting abilities to fight for a place as a student.

To them, the first place is very important because the Han Corporation will sign on the first place winner.

There will be professional teachers and one-to-one teaching, and that will ensure that youll have a lot of movies and dramas to film.

Of course, the exact contract will depend on the Han Corporation.

I am not too sure either.”

To be direct, even if one had a lot of weaknesses and their overall ability was not equal to that of other students, as long as they won first place, the Han Corporation will sign them on.

But the difficulty to win first place, it was easy to realize when you think about it.

This was just to spur people on.

There were a lot of students who were good in all areas, in looks and in acting, yet because their personal qualifications were not outstanding enough, it would still be extremely hard for them to win first place.

“What I said above is not the most important,” Teacher Liang said again.

This was still not the most important

The students were all stunned.

Could it be that there were better things

What was going on today

Were they all so lucky

“Of course, the competition has always been like that in the past years.

Theres no difference now, but I cannot say that your luck this year is extremely good.

With this years competition, the ending of the competition is not the final destination.” Teacher Liang smiled.

The students were all extremely anxious.

In their hearts, they were thinking, You keep taking deep breaths and pausing, why cant you say everything out at once

“This time, after our competition has been held, itll happen to be just in time for the filming of Xing Ke Stations acting competition show, The Performer.

Because of that, the director of the show suggested working together with us.

The Chinese Arts Championships can be considered as an audition, and the first five in the competition can participate in the filming of The Performer, acting together with actors that have already become famous.

This includes the seniors who are very talented in acting, the currently famous actors.

The judges include famous directors, first-class actors in the country, and people whove won Best Actor and Best Actress awards.

As to who these are, to prevent the information from spreading, the production team did not expose it.

This time is a very good opportunity for you guys.”

The whole room became noisy.

“This time, its a very big thing.”

“Yes, but with this kind of big competition, the competition must very very strong.

Ive researched the Chinese Arts Championships before.

Because it is once every four years, all the students still in school can participate, from year ones to doctorate students.

There really will be too many people.”

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