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Chapter 684: Arrival of the Large Competition

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“Serves her right!” Han Leilei gave a hmph.

“Just getting fired is already too good for her.”

Zheng Yuan nodded.

“Thats right!”

Lu Man smiled and shook her head.

“What else can be done to her”

Zheng Yuan and the other two were stunned for a bit.

Thats right, what else can be done

“She is already fired by her company, and the people in the country are all yelling and wanting to hit her.

Its the price she deserves to pay.

Even if I still dont like her in my heart and hate her, I cant cause her to be physically harmed, right” Lu Man said.

“Its really not to that extent…” Pan Xue said weakly.

“Actually, she was fired by Maxus Company, and because of this kind of reason, it would be hard for her to continue in this industry in the future,” Lu Man explained.

“Is it really that hard” Pan Xue was not clear about that.

“Maxus Company itself is a big and old company, and it has quite a lot of power in the industry.

Its like a person being fired by the Han Corporation; when other companies receive their application, then they must properly consider.

Why did the Han Corporation want to fire him If the Han Corporation doesnt want him, should we even take him”

“Furthermore, everyone knows that the reason Wang Qianyun was fired was that her words were not appropriate and she offended the audience in our country.

We are the biggest ticket sales area in the world.

In the years to come, whether the audience would forget her just because time has passed, I dont know.

But in the future, as long as Wang Qianyuns name is on the population list, I will definitely help the audience remember her.

Even if she is able to find a job again, it doesnt matter.

As long as she is on the production crew, Ill make the project flop.

After causing projects to flop many times, no one will dare to find her again,” Lu Man said.

The confidence in her words made Zheng Yuan and the other two feel that if this was done by Lu Man, it would definitely succeed.

Pan Xue gave Lu Man a thumbs up in admiration.

“You said this statement very domineeringly! I admire it!”

Han Leilei also could not help but laugh.

“Compared to giving Wang Qianyun a lesson all in one go, I feel that this would make her despair more.

Giving her a lesson once, then keeping a constant watch on her and pressing her down as soon as she rises up a bit, over and over.

Under this kind of torture that seems like it would not end, I dont know if she will go crazy.”

Zheng Yuan looked at Lu Man, then looked at Han Leilei, then pressed over her heart.

“You two are too scary.

I cannot afford to offend you guys, that I cannot.”

Pan Xue accidentally turned away and saw that Zhang Xiaoying was looking at them from the other side of the classroom.

“Werent you like that towards Zhang Xiaoying at that time too” Pan Xue secretly pointed in Zhang Xiaoyings direction.

“Look at how honest she is now.

No matter what she does behind your back, at least she doesnt dare to cause trouble for you outright now.”

At this time, Teacher Liang, the counselor, walked in.

Everyone in the classroom quietened down.

Teacher Liang said, “Everyone pay attention, I need to say something very important.”

Seeing Teacher Liang smiling, they thought it was probably something good.

“With the Han Corporation as the sponsor, the various big performing schools in the nation—including our National Film Academy, the National Drama Academy, the Donghua Academy of Drama, the Donghua Academy of Performing Arts—along with the National Media University and other performing arts majors in other universities, which all total to 23 schools, will work together to hold a Chinese Arts Championships, and it will be held in a month.”

Teacher Liang said, “The Chinese Arts Championships occur once every four years.

Only the students in the participating schools can join.

In the previous years, the judges have been teachers of the various schools, as well as famous actors and the higher-ups of the Han Corporation.

In the course of the competition, the Han Corporation will pick students they think are not bad and sign them into the Han Corporation.”

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