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Attack Force ‘s ticketing sales increase started to decline at once.

And it even stopped increasing for a while.

There were even people that were so worked up that they went to the theaters to protest.

They requested for the movie theaters to remove all of Attack Force ‘s air times and to not let it be aired anymore.

They were yelling out words to protest in front of the Attack Force publicity poster.

“Remove Attack Force !”

“Get out of our land!”

A lot of famous and big movie theaters were met with this kind of situation in different places.

Not only did the netizens protest, but even those people that had actually bought tickets did not turn up.

For a lot of shows, there were only two to three audiences in the big theaters.

If it continued like this, the movie theaters would make a lot of losses.

The helpless movie theaters started to reduce the air times of Attack Force .

With the advice of the public relations team, Ryan hurriedly came out to speak.

He expressed that those words were Wang Qianyuns own actions, and they had nothing to do with the company and Attack Force .

The company was also not checking Wang Qianyuns personal account, and so they did not know what she said and found out about it only today.

With one look, it was obvious that this was an excuse, and the netizens were all angry.

“Do you take us for idi*ts Would you guys really not know what she said Even if you guys didnt know what she said, at the Attack Force premiere, were the words she said not too much already Your Maxus Company did not stop her and even expressed support.

Now you are pretending to not know anything, pretending that you are supporting us.

Get lost!”

When Lu Man went for lessons in the afternoon, the movie theaters had already changed Attack Force ‘s screen times, which were all at non-peak periods, giving way to Red Tiger .

When Ryan found out about that, he was so angry he was jumping, and he instantly contacted one of the managers.

“You doing this is an act of oppression towards foreign films.”

The in-charges voice was cold, not as polite as before towards Ryan.

“Why dont you first solve Wang Qianyuns problem Our theater also has no other way.

If we put Attack Force at the peak period, therell be no one watching anyway.

One show only has two to three people, isnt this causing losses for our theater And during peak periods, there are a lot of customers.

The netizens are free at that time and come to protest at our theater.

It seriously affects our normal operations and hinders our other customers from watching the movie.

If your ticketing sales doesnt increase and no one buys tickets to watch it, we cant let it screen without anyone in the theater, so we could only reduce your screening times.”

Attack Force and Maxus Company had totally provoked the audiences rebellious streak.

To step on Attack Force , they would watch any locally produced movie, not just Red Tiger.

Until now, Attack Force ‘s total ticketing sales were only at 800 million.

If that continued, by the time Attack Force stopped airing, the box office would likely not even exceed one billion.

With Attack Force flopping here, Jacoby would ask for Ryan to take responsibility, and so Ryan just decided to push Wang Qianyun out.

He could not let himself take responsibility, right

Not long after, Maxus Company came out with another official statement: “Our companys producer Wang Qianyuns inappropriate words have brought very bad effects on our company.

They have caused a lot of hurt to the audience and a lot of losses to Attack Force .

We are removing Madam Wang Qianyuns rights as a producer of Attack Force , as well as removing her role in the company as a producer and firing her.”

“Lu Man, look,” Pan Xue turned around to tell Lu Man.

“Wang Qianyun has been fired.”

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