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The massaging functions of the bathtub and the soak she had in the hot water finally made Lu Man feel more comfortable.

Her whole body was in pain, but at least she was not trembling anymore.

Han Zhuoli helped to clean Lu Man up before carrying her back onto the bed.

Though hed done this to her himself, this time, he can only feel heartache.

Han Zhuoli kissed the corner of her lips.

“I wont disturb you for more.


Lu Man felt very troubled in her heart.

If he kept wanting it like this then what was she going to do

Han Zhuoli rubbed the frown lines between her eyebrows.

“Dont always frown, its easy to get wrinkles.

I wont be like this all the time, its just that Ive been holding back for so long and did not dare to go too far, scared that we would be too noisy and would be heard by Mom.

Theres no need to worry anymore.

I couldnt hold myself back at that moment, but I wont be like this in the future.”

Lu Mans face was red as she buried her face in his chest.

So, she had neglected him.

She had not known that, all along, hed had a lot of worries when he was at her house, not feeling extremely free to do anything.

Even Xia Qingwei saw more clearly than she did.

Lu Man stuck to Han Zhuolis chest.

As she was feeling guilty and blaming herself, she did not feel sleepy anymore.

She sniffed Han Zhuolis bodys smell.

She had soaked in the bath with him just now and used the same soap.

But the scents on the two peoples bodies were obviously different.

She suddenly kissed him over his heart.

When her soft and wet lips pressed over his chest, Han Zhuoli felt that his own heart was about to jump out.

He really could not stand any bit of this girls seductiveness.

He turned his body to press her down, then kissed her again.

“Youre already so tired, but you still dont want to stop.”

Lu Man blinked, very innocent.

“Im just kissing you! Its not that I want to—”

Han Zhuoli laughed in a low and hoarse voice that tickled her ears.

Lu Mans stomach squeezed.

If not for the fact that she really had no energy then, like she was not able to move, perhaps she might not have been able to stand it and would have jumped him.

A man who looked so handsome is one thing, but even his voice was so seductive, it was practically against the law.

“Im just kissing you.

I know that you are very tired tonight, I wont disturb you anymore.” Han Zhuoli bit on her lips and turned his body to lie back on his side.

Pulling Lu Man into his embrace, he sighed.

“Its good like this.”

Pulling her back to his place, having her in his embrace every day, properly doting on her.

“Wait till Saturday.

Let us both rest, then well go to the mall together.”

“For what” Lu Man raised her head to look at him.

“Normally, I dont really bother much about my bedroom.

It is a bit cold and does not have many decorations,” Han Zhuoli said.

When Lu Man took a look, she saw that it was true.

If not for the fact that he was staying here, it was possible to say that it was just a model house.

There were barely any traces of people living in it.

The bedroom mainly had gray as its theme.

It was a bit cold, and aside from the headboard and the bed, there were no other decorations.

For a bedroom that was very large, it was very simple.

“Since youve already moved in, we cant leave the bedroom like this.

Lets go and choose how to decorate the bedroom.

Ill leave it to you.” To decorate the bedroom in a way Lu Man liked… the decor was to be such that it would look like two people were living in it, making it become warm and not as cold as it was now.

Han Zhuoli had already begun to anticipate it.


The second day was Monday, and Han Zhuoli needed to wake up early to go to work.

Lu Mans lesson was in the afternoon today.

She had nothing on in the morning.

When she was sleeping deeply in the morning, she felt the movements from next to her.

She lazily raised her hand to rub her eyes, then squinted to take a look.

“Did I make noise and cause you to wake up” Han Zhuoli lowered his voice and said, lowering his head to kiss Lu Mans lips.

“I have to go to class, you can continue to sleep.”

“En,” Lu Man replied delicately, raising her arms to hug Han Zhuolis neck.

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