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Chapter 677: Say “Husband”

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“Change fiance to husband,” Han Zhuoli said hoarsely.

“Were not married yet,” Lu Man mumbled.

It was still a little early to call him “Husband” right now.

“Just once, let me hear it,” Han Zhuoli said, his voice lowered.

There was clearly no one in the bedroom, and the soundproofing here was much better than at her place.

The mansion was big enough, and Butler Xiao Wang and Auntie He were both downstairs.

They wouldnt be able to hear their voices.

But Han Zhuoli still kept his voice low and deep.

It was a little hoarse and soft as well.

It was clearly very bright in the room, but she was being surrounded by Han Zhuoli.

He had blocked all of the light, leaving behind only a faint, intimate glow through Han Zhuolis embrace.

It made this voice of his even more attractive.

“Man Man, Wife” Han Zhuoli called, his slightly hoarse voice hiding a light laughter.

He suddenly grabbed onto her slender waist.

“Wife Call me once”

Lu Man blushed furiously.

As he called her “wife,” he still used a sexy and seductive voice, his burning hot palm still rubbing against her waist continuously.

With these three things exciting her, she felt like all the skin over her body wasnt hers.

She was burning so hot, she just wished she could peel her skin off.

“Hurry up,” Han Zhuoli urged her, nibbling on her earlobe.

“Hus… Hus…” Lu Mans tongue was tied.

She had never called him that before.

She was really not used to it.

Han Zhuoli chuckled out of amusement and patted her bum, not lightly nor hardly.

“Hus Whathus Its like youre shushing me.”

“Husband!” Lu Man blurted out helplessly with her eyes shut.

Her light voice was running circles in her throat.

Her voice wasnt very high, but it was trembling as if her voice had cracked.

It was obvious how nervous she was.

Han Zhuolis heart started beating like a drum just from the way she called him.

His hands were even trembling in excitement.

His arms that were as strong and hard as metal lifted her up and he kissed her lips.

“Call me that again.”

Lu Man said innocently, “Wasnt it enough to call you that once”

“Good Man Man,” Han Zhuoli coaxed, “Call me that again, I like hearing it.”

Lu Man thought to herself, Not only can you not trust a mans words in bed, but you also cant trust his words at the bedside.

Han Zhuoli kissed her lips, then her earlobe.

Lu Man shuddered furiously.

Right after that, he pressed her onto the bed.

“Call me again.”

“Hus… Husband…” Lu Man called once more in resignation.

However, she could barely catch her breath with the way Han Zhuoli was kissing her.

When she spoke, she was extremely breathless.

When she spoke, she sounded so delicate and endearing, soft and sweet, gently caressing Han Zhuolis heart, making him melt completely.

Even Lu Man herself was shocked by her own voice.

She completely never expected that she could speak like that.

It was absolutely, absolutely so embarrassing.

Han Zhuoli couldnt hold back any longer and kissed her fiercely.

It was a little hard for Lu Man to take it all.

He was exceptionally fierce today, like he wanted to break her skeleton apart.

She didnt know that usually, at her place, as Han Zhuoli was concerned that Xia Qingwei was around, he couldnt let himself go completely at all.

He was afraid that Xia Qingwei would hear something and feel awkward.

But it was different here.

The soundproofing was good; he didnt have to worry about any sound leaking out at all.

Han Zhuoli could want her without any worry or concern.

He loved how Lu Mans eyes would be so dazed and dreamy when Lu Man was at her peak.

In those clear and round pupils in her eyes, there was a thick layer of mist.

The sight was exceptionally breathtaking.

Her cheeks would be flushed slightly pink, like she had dyed them with the juice of rose petals.

Lu Mans voice, like she was crying yet not crying, spilled over and shocked her immediately.

She hurriedly covered her mouth.

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