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Chapter 671: I Want to Snatch Him Back!

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Xia Qingwei could only smile.

“I know, I believe in Xiao Hans character.

I have been witnessing all along how much he cared for Man Man.

If he is someone who isnt trustworthy, then there probably arent any trustworthy men left.”

Old Mrs.

Han was so touched; it was so rare to have such an understanding in-law.

She immediately punched Han Zhuoli lightly.

“Did you see that! Youre so lucky to have such a nice mother-in-law who wouldnt be petty.

Let me tell you, youre not allowed to attract such messy women who are like rubbish.

Try me if you dare to let anyone else pester you again.

I still havent stored away my feather duster yet!”

“…” Han Zhuoli felt really wronged.

Where did this blame come from out of nowhere

“I definitely wont.

I have decided on Man Man for the rest of my life.

If I ever let her down, I will even look down on myself.

Besides, where else can I find such a good lady like Man Man” Han Zhuoli hurriedly said.

Lu Man was fair-skinned; her features were beautiful, and her legs long and slender.

Her personality was also like that of a little fox.

She always had a new side to her to be discovered, just like a book that he could never finish reading.

Lu Man alone was enough to make him so busy; how would he still have the time and energy left to deal with anyone else

Han Zhuoli looked at Lu Man.

He was in love yet also so helpless.

This little girl sometimes really caused such a headache for him.

Perhaps Han Zhuoli himself didnt even know, the gaze he was giving Lu Man right now was so gentle it could melt anyone.

Let alone Wang Qianyun, who was watching from the side.

It was so triggering to her.

Wang Qianyun trembled in anger.

This Old Mrs.

Hans words were so harsh.

What did she mean by messy women who were like rubbish!

She was scolding her right in front of her face!

“Hehe.” Lu Man laughed coldly.

She didnt say anything, but Han Zhuoli understood it.

If he ever let her down, no matter how much she loved him, she would still leave him without hesitation, never looking back.

Han Zhuoli quickly grabbed onto Lu Mans hand immediately, refusing to ever let go.

He would never do anything that would let her down, and he would never give her any chance to leave!

Old Mrs.

Han and Han Zhuoli had already said such reassuring words.

Xia Qingwei also felt a lot more comfortable.

Everyone treated Wang Qianyun as if she wasnt there.

She was just standing right there, clearly in front of them, but they could still pretend to not see her.

Old Mrs.

Han tiredly pinched between her brows.

“Im getting old, so I get sleepy easily.

Please dont stand around the door for too long and hold yourselves back, go back and rest earlier.”

Xia Qingwei then said, “Then, Old Master, Old Madam, hurry back and rest.

Youve been busy for an entire day, it must have indeed been quite tiring.”

Old Mr.

Han and Old Mrs.

Han went back first.

They didnt want to see Wang Qianyun.

It made their eyes hurt, looking at her.

They left behind Han Xijin and his wife, as well as Lin Liye and Han Zhuofeng.

After sending Xia Qingwei and Lu Man onto Han Zhuolis car and watching them leave, they then each entered their respective cars and left.

All who was left was Wang Qianyun, whod been ignored by every single person, standing awkwardly at the entrance of the old mansion.

Everyone had already left, leaving her standing alone in the wide and empty doorway.

Wang Qianyun turned around and stared at the door of the old mansion.

After a while, she finally returned to her car and made a call.

“Mom, Han Zhuoli got engaged to someone,” Wang Qianyun said immediately when the call went through.

“What!” Luo Wangyuan was so shocked, her voice rose an octave.

“How could he He was childhood sweethearts with you and you even waited for him for so many years.

How could he just find someone so easily Isnt he just playing with you Thats too unreasonable!”

“Mom, I want to snatch him back!” Wang Qianyun said solemnly.

Luo Wangyuan stayed silent for a moment, and then asked, “Do you think you have a chance”

Wang Qianyun pursed her lips.

Looking at the Han familys and Han Zhuolis attitude, she knew she definitely wouldnt stand a chance using normal methods.

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