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Perhaps it was Han Zhuolis first statement or his second statement which told her motives, making Wang Qianyuns expression turn frozen and unnatural.

“Big Brother Han, what are you saying Im just here to visit the seniors.”

“The seniors in my family dont need you to visit them.

The two elders have already not seen any outsider for many years and as for my parents—” Han Zhuoli pursed his lips.

“You saw that too, my father has no relation with you and my mother really does not like you.

You shouldnt appear before them anymore, in case my mother misunderstands that something might have happened between my father and you.”

“You brat!” Han Xijin was angry at being implicated by his son.

Han Zhuoli wanted to shoo Wang Qianyun away, but how could he drag him down too

Clearly Wang Qianyun was here specifically for Han Zhuoli, but once Han Zhuoli said that Han Xijin could care less about what Wang Qianyun was thinking as he hurriedly grabbed Shen Nuos hand.

“Dont listen to what that brat is saying! He is pushing the blame on me, Im not going to take it lying down!”

Already annoyed, Shen Nuo glanced at him coldly and said to Wang Qianyun.

“Miss Wang, you should do indeed have some self-respect and keep a distance away from people of the opposite gender that you dont have any relation with, lest others misunderstand.

Be it me or Lu Man.”

“Big Brother Han, you…” Wang Qianyun felt so wronged that her eyes welled up with tears.

Han Zhuoli was intentionally digging a trap for her!

How could she have… have anything with Han Xijin

Yet, at this time, Han Xijin said quietly to Shen Nuo, “Shes not even good enough for my standards.”

Even though he said it softly, Wang Qianyun still heard it.

This left Wang Qianyun feeling extremely awful as she was insulted by everyone present there.

She wasnt good enough for his standards, but was he even good enough for her standards

He was already so old!

“Uncle Han, I genuinely treat you as a senior.” Wang Qianyun felt extremely wronged.

“But you still have to maintain a distance,” Han Xijin said authoritatively, like a proper and serious senior educating a junior.

Annoyed, Wang Qianyun gritted her teeth.

Han Zhuoli just said it teasingly, yet they were created a mess for her.

“If its genuinely just a visit, youve already seen them, please go back,” Han Zhuoli said coldly.

Old Mr.

Han also shooed her away impolitely.

“Miss Wang, we are also getting old, we dont have much energy to entertain guests anymore, you dont have to come over in the future too.”

Clearly, Wang Qianyuns motive for coming was indeed not innocent.

Not only was she here to curry favor with Han familys seniors, but she also here to ask them to help Attack Forc e.

After Attack Force became a flop in China, Ryan pushed all the blame to Wang Qianyun, saying that she had lied to the companys higher management and exaggerated her relationship with Han Zhuoli.

After all, ever since Attack Force ‘s box office turned out to be a big flop in China, it was also hard for Ryan to report back to the company, and neither could he push the blame onto Bourbotte, so he could only blame Wang Qianyun.

Therefore, other than sucking up to the seniors in the Han family, Wang Qianyun had come over hoping to convince Han Xijin to let Han Corporation give some screenings to Attack Force .

Now that Han Zhuoli had revealed her exact motive, Wang Qianyun was tongue-tied.

Ignoring Wang Qianyun completely, Old Mrs.

Han said to Xia Qingwei apologetically, “In-law, Im really sorry, everything was going so smoothly and well today, but something so disappointing happened out of the blue.

But dont worry, our Zhuoli isnt fickle-minded at all, now that he has decided on Man Man, he wouldnt change.

If he dared to change his mind, I will break his leg!”

As Lu Mans mother, seeing that her future son-in-law was fancied by another woman, and that woman even came looking for him, it was highly likely that she would find it revolting and would even be upset.

However, this matter wasnt Han Zhuolis fault either.

Although she felt uncomfortable, she couldnt blame Han Zhuoli either.

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