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Old Master laughed coldly.

“All those who came knocking at our door, who didnt have any ulterior motive Wang Qianyun, this name sounds familiar.

Where did I hear it before”

“Shes Wang Juhuais niece.

Back then, before Wang Juhuai migrated to America, he was classmates with Xijin and would often come to our house to play with Xijin.” Old Mrs.

Han did remember him.

“He is pretty close to Xijin.”

“Right, after that, he followed his family to America.

Every time I would go abroad for work, I always paid him a visit.

Eventually, when I brought Zhuoli along too, I would also take Zhuoli along to visit him.” Han Xijin frowned and suddenly remembered that every time he was there, Wang Qianyun happened to be there too.

He could clearly tell the motives of Wang Jugu and his family.

However, considering that fact Wang Qianyun was pretty and seemed so sweet and polite, always pestering Han Zhuoli to play with her as if they were like childhood sweethearts, he didnt bother.

However, if he really developed feelings for her, it was alright if they were childhood sweethearts.

Also, if Han Zhuoli didnt like her, then that was fine too.

Anyway, he would just let nature take its course.

Eventually, of course, Han Zhuoli didnt like her.

When Shen Nuo found out about this ultimately, she was very unhappy and even fought with him about it.

Everyone knew Wang Jugus motive.

Someone like him who was rushing so much, how could his family be anything good!

Wang Qianyun was a cunning and scheming even at such a young age, thus Shen Nuo even felt repulsed every time she heard about it.

Knowing that Han Xijin was just watching from the side coldly, not doing anything to stop it, she would get into a fight with Han Xijin over it.

It was all because Han Xijin who brought Han Zhuoli over to Wang Juhais house and attracted the attention of Wang Qianyun.

Wang Juhuai was a pretty good person, but that could not be said about his younger brother and his family.

In the end, Han Xijin never dared to bring Han Zhuoli over again.

That was until Han Zhuoli took over Han Corporation and went on business trips to America, helping Han Xijin to visit his old friend Wang Juhuai.

However, by then, Han Zhuoli has already made him unapproachable by others.

Wang Qianyun couldnt even pester him even if she wanted to.

After so many years, Shen Nuo had completely forgotten about Wang Qianyun already.

Until the buzz created by Attack Force recently.

Shen Nuo laughed coldly and said to Old Mr.

Han, “Didnt you say she sounded familiar Recently when Attack Force blew up a storm in the industry, not only did Bourbotte look down on our films, but even Wang Qianyun also spoke up and ridiculed our local movies, she even snobbishly said that she was an American and didnt see herself as a Chinese.”

Old Mr.

Han hated such supercilious people the most.

“Hmph, looks like they have really forgotten all of their roots.

They thought that because they have spent so much time overseas and changed their nationality, they could change their roots I was just wondering why her name sounded so familiar, so it turns out its her.

Ive followed that news before too.”

Old Mr.

Han huffed angrily and warned Han Xijin.

“Let me tell you, dont you dare bother with such a girl! Putting aside that Zhuoli and Man Man are engaged now, this woman is a devil, even if Zhuoli was single, this woman shouldnt even think about having an inch of a relationship with our family!”

Even Shen Nuo side-eyed Han Xijin.

If Han Xijin hadnt taken Han Zhuoli along in the first place, why would Wang Qianyun start pestering him

Meanwhile, Lu Man stayed silent, not saying a word.

She had already planned to deal with Wang Qianyun.

However, the past two days she really didnt have the time to bother with her, but tomorrow onwards she definitely had to deal with Wang Qianyun.

The week where she was waiting for Attack Force to premiere, she had already collected quite some material about Wang Qianyun.

In a blink of an eye, having become the common enemy of the entire family, Han Xijin hurriedly pleaded.

“I know, I know, I definitely wont give Wang Qianyun the chance.”

By the side, when Xia Qingwei heard the name Wang Juhuai, her heart skipped a beat, but instantly calmed down again.

The next moment, Old Mrs.

Han ordered Auntie Sun, “Tell Wang Qianyun the truth.

Tell her that our family is having an engagement party and it is inconvenient for us to have any guests.”

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