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Chapter 651: We Are Talking About a Long-Term War, Comrades

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In fifth place, it was another locally-produced animated film Little Lamb Run Quickly with 13.54 million box office.

The sixth place was even more impressive.

It was Fighting Hero at 2.55 million.

On the other hand, Red Tiger was quickly catching up to Attack Force at an impressive rate.

“It increased so quickly!” Ji Chengs eyes widened, looking at the screenshot shared by Zhang Jian a few times in disbelief.

Apart from the one-week-long pre-sales, Attack Forces box office had just increased by 3 million.

At that end, Bourbotte and the rest who were smug and full of themselves finally realized it.

All the other movies were having a quick growth in their box office collection whereas, Attack Forces had a 160 million box collection an hour ago and even an hour later it only increased to 163 million.

On the other hand, an hour ago, Red Tigers box office was at 16 million, but now it had already crossed 60 million!

Did they take any steroids

Putting Red Tiger aside, even the two animated films seemed to have taken steroids as they crossed the 10 million mark!

Logically speaking, under normal circumstances, the daily box office of an animated film would only be about a few million dollars!

“What is going on!” Bourbotte roared.

At that moment, Wang Qianyun recalled what the netizens said in the past and her face turned ashen.

“Could it be… could it be that its really like what those netizens said, that they would rather just buy the tickets even if they werent going to watch the movie so that the box office collection of locally-produced movies would increase” Wang Qianyun said, stuttering.

Enraged, Bourbottes face darkened.

“These people are killing real art!”

“Lets just wait and take a look first, dont get too anxious.

The fight at night is the most intense.

Also, its Friday today, everyone is still at work.” Ryan could only comfort them like this.

However, everyone knew clearly that the situation at night wouldnt get any better either.

At 10 oclock that night, all of them checked the new ranking for the box office collection.

First place, Red Tiger, 526 million.

Second place, Love Relationship, 198 million.

Third place, Little God of Fortune, 182 million.

Fourth place, Little Lamb Run Quickly, 179 million.

Fifth place, Attack Force, 172 million.

Sixth place, Fighting Hero, 3.56 million.

Bourbotte: “…”

Zhang Lun: “…”

They were f*king…

They were f**king bullying them too much!

Those netizens must have planned this !

Red Tigers box office was back to the same amount as the first day it was screened!

As for the other movies, they were all crushing Attack Force.

Even those two animated films were f**king crushing Attack Force!

Moreover, their collection was only a little bit higher than Attack Force!

Yet they all crushed Attack Force to the ground.

Of course, the most pathetic one was still Fighting Hero, it was actually a terrible flop.

But what could they do

Wasnt this still Zhang Luns fault

When Wang Qianyun refreshed her Weibo, she blew up in anger.

Those netizens were waving their flags and shouting victoriously on Weibo, uploading pictures of the box office ranking.

“Pay attention everybody, keep up the pace, dont leave such a huge gap for Attack Force to gloat, its fine even if we get ahead by 10 yuan as long as the ranking is higher!”

“We are talking about a long-term war, comrades.

Dont rush it too quickly, go at it slowly.

Keep up such a pace everyday, let Bourbotte feel that he can surpass us leaving us behind until the day he suddenly falls down from his pedestal but dont let him gloat over your dead body!”

“Take note, crush Attack Force so much that all the cinemas will stop airing it, and only then will we come out victorious!”

“Take note, stay in your formation.

Red Tiger team join the chat group for the Red Tiger box office collection.

“This is the group chat ID number, Groups 1-10 are all full, we are now opening up Group 11-30.

Love Relationship team join in the chat group for Love Relationship box office.

Anyway, everyone join the respective group chat for the movie box office you are in-charge of.

Lets gradually increase up the box office collection in an orderly and organized fashion.”

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