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“People did not provoke him, he was the one who insulted them, thats not too much, thats being an a*sshole!

“I want to hear what else Zhang Lun and the rest have to say Where are they Come on out! How did you mock Lu Man today Hurry come out and say it!”

“Im not finding it wrong.

Bourbotte is clearly looking down on our local movie culture, and thus Red Tigers production group went against Bourbotte to defend our nations pride, what is wrong with that Not only are they not wrong, but they also did it very well.

Zhang Lun and the rest, what right do you have to look down on them and mock them As for tomorrows box office collection of Red Tiger tomorrow, I will contribute to it!”

“Not only Red Tiger but we need to support all our local movies airing right now, who cares if they are good or not, I need to support it at least once.

Even if Im buying movie tickets and not watching it, I need to do my part.

Isnt one ticket just thirty to forty yuan Ill buy tickets for all the local movies airing right now, and that would be around 200 to 300 yuan.

Is there anyone with me”

“Count me in!”

“Im with you!”

“Of course, nevermind about Fighting Hero.”

“Of course, Fighting Hero is not included in this.

Even if he decided to air it for another month, I wont see it either.”

“The above netizen, of course.

Friends, please take note! Friends please take note, lets buy in bulk the movie tickets for our local movies airing right now but be careful, dont buy Fighting Hero, dont buy Fighting Hero, dont buy Fighting Hero!”

“Got it!

“Alright, alright!”

At this moment, Zhang Lun and his entourage could no longer sit still.

The netizens were ganging up readily, and although not many replied to the post, Zhang Lun was worried that they would still end up showing their support by buying tickets for local movies, but in the end, it would be no good for Fighting Hero.

Being berated and bashed online by netizens, Zhang Lun could not stand it anymore, and could only have Wang Shuyi speak in his support.

“Everyone please be clear, we are against Lu Mans schemes, and we arent targeting or supporting anyone else.”

“Right, Lu Mans schemes are getting annoying now.”

“I dont like her nasty, proud attitude of hers when she schemes, thinking she is the smartest.”

“This time, her tricks did not work, and we cant even talk about her Is she so delicate”

Their fans also joined in and mocked her.

Seeing the war of words on Weibo, Zheng Yuan exclaimed in shock.

“Look, our schools official Weibo has posted something!”

National Film Academy: “Clarifying for our students who attended todays lecture.

Originally, our school had invited Director Bourbotte, Berkeley and Susanna to come to hold a talk in our school, hoping that our students would gain insights from their experience.

However, the reality was different, what Director Bourbotte spoke in his lecture was very appalling and our school is very shocked and unhappy with it.

Thus, our school is apologetic to the students as we did not communicate properly and organized such an abysmal lecture for our students.

Our school will learn from this incident and invite only people with good personalities as guest lecturers.

If Director Bourbotte cannot apologize to the students of our school for his words, our school will not work with Director Bourbotte again.”

The National Film Academys official Weibo post caused the students to be worked up again.

They were touched and felt secured having the backing of their school.

“Our school is showing its power!”

“Only during vital moments can it be seen that our school is always our strong backer!”

“Support our school! If Bourbotte does not apologize, we will never work together again!”

“National Film Academy is so domineering!”

Seeing all these comments and posts, Lu Man and her friends were overjoyed.

After all, their school had taken a stand in support of their students and expressed their unhappiness towards Bourbotte.

Of course, Lu Man really suspected that Principal Liu had something to do with that.

After all, Bourbotte had fallen out with her, and right now the reason Principal Liu was standing up was probably to show Han Zhuoli that he was still on Lu Mans side.

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