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Your jealousy pleases me, Han Zhuoli said in a low voice, brimming ear to ear and a loving look in his eye.

You look adorable when you are jealous.

Lu Man: …

What a strange fetish, loving her jealous look!

That\'s because it shows that you care about me and love me back! Han Zhuoli pecked her lips.

Who asked you to attract attention with your handsome looks! Lu Man felt angry every time she thought about women laying their eyes on her man.

If she even left him for a second, another person would get attracted to him.

Much less to say, Wang Qianyun who was definitely attracted to him from his business trip to America.

Han Zhuoli gladly tried to placate Lu Man and explained Wang Qianyun\'s relationship.

Dad and her uncle Wang Juhuai are good friends.

Wang Juhuai, the famous music producer Lu Man asked curiously.

Yes, it\'s him. Han Zhuoli nodded.

Wang Juhuai is a good person, but his younger brother\'s family isn\'t very good.

Wang Qianyun is his niece, and from Wang Qianyun, you can see how his little brother\'s family is.

Every time we go over, his younger brother, Wang Jugu, would bring Wang Qianyun over, hoping her to be my childhood sweetheart.

But how could I and my dad not tell it Later on, we reduced our trips and later on, I visited Wang Juhuai only during business trips to America, but each time, Wang Qianyun would come to know and come over shamelessly.

Lu Man frowned.

Could it be that on your business trips you kept a pretty lady by your side

What are you saying! Han Zhuoli was angered by her question and pinching her butt.

I expressed my annoyance and anger right away and thus, Wang Juhuai refused to let Wang Qianyun visit.

But this time, she came over with Attack Force, and I did not anticipate that.

I really don\'t have any kind of relationship with her.

Otherwise, I wouldn\'t have expressed my annoyance and treated her like that in front of the Deputy CEO of Maxus Company.

That day, it was clearly visible that Han Zhuoli was really annoyed.

Alright, I know, Lu Man raised her head and kissed his lips.

This is your reward, you must work hard to keep earning this.

It\'s alright if she doesn\'t come to find you, but if she comes in front of you, you have to scold her away without holding back, don\'t let your heart feel pity for her.

Besides for my family members, the only person I can\'t bear to scold is you, Han Zhuoli instantly said.

Lu Man pondered in her heart, why was this man such a sweet talker now!

However, the next moment her heart sank.

Since Wang Qianyun dared to eye her man, she could not be polite to Wang Qianyun any more.

Meanwhile, Han Zhuoli kept her trapped in his embrace, not letting her get down.

But the good thing was that after hugging her for a long time, Han Zhuoli\'s arousal from before had already gone down.

Thus, Lu Man sat on his legs comfortably now and texted Eight Skin Entertainment.

Eight Skin Entertainment: I knew that you would definitely come to find me, I saw your retort on Weibo, it\'s great!

Just a single post turned the situation around.

Besides for Lu Man, he had really not seen anyone who could play so well.

So, we will still continue with the whole web publicity plan, Lu Man told Eight Skin Entertainment what to do.

This time you won\'t do it for free, charge me your regular fees and give me a price, Lu Man said.

Alright, This time, it was different from before, in the past, it was a win-win situation for both the parties but this time, it was just Red Tiger\'s publicity, and so Eight Skin Entertainment did not hold back.

We\'re already so familiar with each other, so I\'ll give you a discount on account of our friendship.

After making deals with individual media accounts and influencers on Weibo, Lu Man contacted official Weibo promoters.

As long as the posts had the specific keywords, even if the document wasn\'t up to the mark, it could still be publicity for Red Tiger.


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