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Actually, after that, Old Mrs.

Han had also said, Look at Lu Man, she\'s young, pretty, smart and can see the big picture.

She knows when to hold on and when to retreat, she\'s unafraid in front of problems and turns the situation around.

She\'s capable enough to work the problem on her own.

She an amazing girl, no wonder she is so popular! If you don\'t quickly set it in stone, she might get snatched away by someone, you\'re already so old, how can you find a girl as good as Lu Man It\'s hard to meet someone Lu Man.

Of course, you definitely would not be snatched away, Han Zhuoli told Lu Man again, I have confident and self-assured that I am better than any man.

If anyone treats you well, I\'ll treat you better than him so much that you will only have me in your eyes.

No matter how much anyone pampers you, when you compare them with me you\'ll still find me not just better but excellent.

Lu Man: …

This man, how long had he been thinking about this

Why did she feel that he was as innocent as a lamb in this matter!

Furthermore, I also trust you, Han Zhuoli embraced her tightly.

You won\'t let yourself be snatched away by other people, after all, you love me so much.

Seeing Han Zhouli beaming with pride, Lu Man wanted really wanted to retort.

Who loves you so much

But she did not say it in the end.

She did not have the heart to say that.

After all, she was really in love with him

You\'re right. Lu Man smiled brightly, her eyes turning into curved crescent moons.

Her assent made Han Zhuoli brim with happiness.

He held Lu Man\'s face with his hands and kissed her passionately.

Wait till I\'m done settling the Red Tiger situation, then we can discuss the situation about our engagement, Han Zhuoli said in a low voice, happiness evident in his voice.

Lu Man raised an eyebrow.

I thought you trusted me

I do trust you, but I still want us to be engaged as soon as possible and put a ring on your finger. Holding her ring finger in with his hands, he caressed it lovingly as if the engagement ring would appear any moment now.

The next moment, he pressed her into his embrace.

You don\'t want to be engaged to me

I didn\'t say that, Lu Man hurriedly said.

Then do you want to or not Han Zhuoli anxiously continued to ask.

Under his burning gaze, blood rushed to Lu Man\'s face, and she nodded.

Yes, I do.

Lu Man held the hand he had placed at her waist, and entwined her fingers with his, soft index finger touching his long fingers.

I also want to trap you quickly so that I can prevent another Dai Yiran and Wang Qianyun from appearing, who knows who else would come after you, lining up to call you Big Brother Han.

The corner of Han Zhuoli\'s eye twitched.

After they had come back home yesterday, he did not hear Lu Man ask about this, and he had thought that she had let go of it.

After all, his attitude towards Wang Qianyun yesterday was already very obvious.

He did not think that she would still be thinking about it, and would even mention it now.

However, seeing her jealousy, he was very over the moon.

Thus, Han Zhuoli could not help but laugh loudly.

Finding his laughter strange, Lu Man raised her head to meet his gaze, but who knew that as soon as she raised her head, Han Zhuoli\'s kiss would again land on her lips.

His sexy, hot lips landed on every part of her face, from her lips to her forehead then her eyelids, her cheeks, the corner of her mouth, her lower jaw, he kissed every inch of her face.

His kisses put Lu Man in a daze and she just buried her face into his embrace.

Yet who knew that Han Zhuoli\'s lips could still land on her ear and move up to her hairline.

Feeling his chest vibrate, she knew that the man was laughing.

What\'s there to laugh Lu Man\'s ears were also flushed red.


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