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Han Zhuoli\'s voice was too tense and hoarse, and Lu Man could feel his arousal.

Lu Man was so nervous that she did not dare to move at all and her body was completely stiff.

Han Zhuoli\'s gaze was fixated on her red ears and her exposed slender neck.

For convenience sake, Lu Man had put up her hair into a messy bun, exposing her slender, fair neck.

Han Zhuoli dipped his head in the crook of her neck, leaving hot searing kisses on her sensitive neck.

His kisses made Lu Man moan and her body tremble.

Don\'t play around ah, I\'m discussing things.

You can discuss your things, I\'m just hugging you, Han Zhuoli said, not planning on letting her go.

Lu Man: …

Distracting her like this, how was she supposed to work

But since she couldn\'t leave those people waiting, Lu Man could only try her best to ignore Han Zhuoli and focus on the conversation.

She first replied to Eight Skin Entertainment with whom she usually collaborated.

Eight Skin Entertainment: Lu Man, you really want to post a promotion over the Internet

Lu Man: Yes, this is a good opportunity.

But what\'s the matter

Eight Skin Entertainment: You should take a look at Weibo first.

Lu Man: Alright, wait for a while, I\'ll go take a look.

Eight Skin Entertainment: It\'s no rush, if you still decided to advertise online, just tell me.

Picking up her cell phone, Lu Man immediately opened Weibo.

At the same time, Han Zhuoli hugged her and sniffed the scent on her, before placing his lower jaw on her shoulder.

What is it

I don\'t know either, I\'ll take a look first then tell you, Lu Man did not need to find anything.

Her Weibo was filled with feeds about Attack Force and Red Tiger.

There were quite a few celebrities and directors as well who had attended yesterday\'s premiere and they all had posted their reviews on Attack Force.

Xu Yiai: Attack Force is amazing! The Great God Bourbotte\'s direction skills are admirable and we should learn from him.

Berkeley and Susanna\'s acting is excellent while the other main actors were good too.

Each role is outstanding, and I cried watching it.

Director Li Guangshu: Attack Force is a movie that should be in the books of Art schools.

It is very detailed and has deep meaning to it.

It\'s not enough to watch it just once.

You still need to watch it three times or even four times to fully understand the plot and the depth of the movie.

Attack Force cannot be compared to other movies, because there is no basis for comparison.

Don\'t even think of comparing those brainless action films with Attack Force.

I admit that Red Tiger\'s love for the country is super touching, but there is no deep meaning to the plot.

On the other hand, Attack Force is written and directed so meticulously that each action makes you think about it deeply, only Bourbotte can film such an amazing movie!

Lu Man raised an eyebrow, she did not think that Li Guangshu\'s subtle hint of brainless action films would not be even for him to even name them.

Director Zhang Lun: I saw Director Bourbotte\'s Attack Force, I could clearly understand where I lack and I still need to work hard.

Our country also needs directors like Bourbotte.

Of course, it\'s hard to meet such a genius, we can only wait.

The movie made me realize my shortcomings and I accept this openly unlike some young people filled with arrogance because of some once in a blue moon good result and now they cannot even take constructive criticism with a positive attitude.

Zhang Lun\'s post caused Weibo to explode.

The some young people he was referring to were obviously the Red Tiger Team, if not Lu Man, it had to be Ji Cheng.

All the netizens were guessing whether Zhang Lun was referring to Lu Man or not.

After all, Zhang Lun\'s Fighting Hero had just been totally oppressed by Red Tiger, and besides for the fact that Red Tiger was really a good movie, Lu Man\'s brain had made it rise so high.


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