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Don\'t say like that! The audience who stayed back are sitting on the fence as they want to see how Attack Force turns out.

Right, it\'s not bad to stay behind.

After all, having watched the film till the end, you get the right to criticize it, moreover, you can at least tell us where the movie goes wrong.

Backing them up, Lu Man casually posted on Weibo and tagged them too.

Thank you, we accept your suggestions, and honestly accept constructive criticism.

However, we do not accept arrogant people who look down on us and try to step on us.

Following Lu Man\'s post, her fans also came out to show their support on Weibo.

With Xu Ningxian leading them, they spoke in favor of Lu Man.

Not just Lu Man and the fans of other actors, but even the passive netizens also had strong reactions.

The passive netizens who originally were not Lu Man\'s fans were also pumped up.


Right, if we are lacking, we can change, but we don\'t accept being looked down on and stepped on!

I heard that the Red Tiger team had also come to the premiere of Attack Force but they left the venue before Attack Force officially premiered.

Moreover, some people from the audience also left the venue after the Red Tiger team.

It\'s good that they left, if it were me, I would also leave.

Having been mocked and trampled upon, if they did not leave, were they supposed to stay there till the New Year

All the members of Red Tiger team are hot-headed, no wonder they get along so well with Lu Man, it\'s just a group of horrible tempered people.

Even the thought of them together is too beautiful, with their bad tempers, did they fight while filming

What fight! Our Goddess of Fury is very loyal to her fans, and her temper is very good.

She only has a bad temper towards those who attack her on their own accord, how cute! Lu Man\'s fans supported her instantly.

Our Zhang Jian is like that too.

Our Professor Liu is only strict and serious towards work, his temper is still very good.

Our Director Ji too, otherwise, would he listen to Lu Man

Alright, alright, alright, your Red Tiger team is good-tempered, I\'ll believe it, all right

Keeping up with the trend, Ji Cheng and the others posted on Weibo as well.

A dignified person would never let it go willingly.

It\'s better to speak out rather than putting on a happy smile and saying that all is good while cursing in the heart.

Even though I need to work overtime tomorrow, I won\'t sleep, I\'ll wait for the movie reviews to be out after people have Attack Force.

Because of Lu Man, Han Zhuoli naturally cared about how things progressed, and thus he followed Lu Man home, planning to stay over for the night at Lu Man\'s house.

As soon as he entered their house, Han Zhuoli made a phone call to know the current situation.

He then followed Lu Man and Xia Qingwei to watch television.

The drama going on right now did not affect Lu Man and Han Zhuoli at all, they were quite relaxed, enjoying the show with Xia Qingwei.

Even Xia Qingwei was not worried too much about it, she was going through Weibo just to see how things were progressing, caring more about tonight\'s incident than Lu Man.

Aiya, Man Man, look, Xia Qingwei directly passed the phone to Lu Man, smiling as she cast a look at Han Zhuoli.

When Lu Man looked, she saw that some netizens were planning on booking Attack Force\'s movie tickets.

Although Attack Force had its premiere today, it would officially air from next Friday.

Most of the netizens stood on Red Tiger\'s side because of patriotism, however, there were still quite a few netizens who did not care about it and would enjoy the movie as long as it was good.

And because they believed in Bourbotte\'s reputation, they did not care about Bourbotte mocking them.

Some people even felt that what he said was quite right.

Thus, quite a lot of netizens were booking movie tickets through the booking application.

But who knew they would get a shock upon looking at the screen.

Enthusiastic Citizen Mr.

Wang: I originally wanted to book the tickets for Attack Force on Friday, but when I saw the airing schedule, I got a shock.

He had even attached a screenshot.

The photo showed that the movie chains did give Attack Force quite a lot of airing time and that it even exceeded Red Tiger\'s, but the difference was not significantly big.


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