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Lu Man cast a cold gaze at Bourbotte.

These are just words of people who would claim the grapes to be sour when they can\'t have it.

Lu Man especially said these words in Chinese so that everyone could understand.

Furthermore, they were in their motherland, so speaking English while the majority of people were Chinese was just too strange!

As for the movie\'s quality, we\'ll let the audience speak for themselves, goodbye. After Lu Man finished speaking she turned to look at Han Zhuoli.

Proud of her stance, Han Zhuoli smiled at her and followed her to leave.

Naturally, Ji Cheng and his team could not stay behind and they all left together.

Even the Sun Yiwu who was sitting told his wife, Let\'s go as well.

Ok, let\'s go.

The next moment, Sun Yiwu and his wife also stood up from their seats and left.

Even in the entertainment industry, there were people who were cynical to the bone.

And so, they followed suit.

What a horrible movie! I won\'t watch it too! Even though some people from the audience had spent a lot of money for the premiere tickets, they threw their tickets in disgust and left angrily.

They are openly mocking and deriding our local production, yet they think they can earn our money, disgusting!

Within a few minutes, a lot of people had left, and in the end, the theatre only had around a third of the audience left.

Those were the die-hard fans of Bourbotte who firmly believed that a big shot like him should have such a domineering personality.

They supported his haughty, prideful attitude and thus stayed back while others left in masses.

Despite being looked down upon earlier, a few celebrities stayed behind with the hope of getting to know Ryan and Bourbotte.

Even if they managed to grab a very minor character in Bourbotte\'s future film and even if it did not get any lines, it would still be great.

It\'s really too infuriating! Even after they left the theater, Liu Chuanhui hadn\'t vented his felt angry.

Lu Man, can you estimate whether Attack Force can break our box office record Having seen Lu Man\'s capabilities when Red Tiger aired, Zhang Jian\'s first reaction was to ask Lu Man.

Even Ji Cheng did not mind it since all of them were already placing all their hopes onto hoping Lu Man.

Being stared at by so many eyes, Lu Man: …

I haven\'t watched Attack Force, so I can\'t tell for sure, Lu Man said helplessly.

Ah Zhang Jian was shocked.

You were so confident just now, I thought that you already had a plan.

I will have one on time if I start thinking of a method now. Lu Man scratched the tip of her nose in embarrassment.

Right now, I was just focused on getting back at them, I can\'t multitask and plan while I attack.

Oh no, then what are you planning to do now Liu Chuanhui asked.

Today, Bourbotte and his team\'s deriding words would definitely be uploaded by netizens and many more videos would crop up too, Lu Man said.

How can you be so sure What if there isn\'t Zhang Jian asked.

Even if there isn\'t I can make it such that there will be, Lu Man smiled and said.

We didn\'t record it, we forgot to do it at that time, Zhang Jian said, feeling like it was a pity.

There is no need, I had a friend film it. Lu Man had just finished speaking when she heard someone call her.

Lu Man.

Everyone turned their heads around to see Tang Zi who had just come out with a cameraman holding a camera.

This is my friend, Tang Zi, he\'s an entertainment reporter at Nan Yin. Lu Man introduced him happily.

Back then, Tang Zi was a paparazzi, and now he was an entertainment reporter, so naturally, he was familiar with those there.

Director Li, hello.

Director Sun, Sister-in-law, hello.

Teacher Liu, Brother Zhang, Tang Zi greeted everyone.

So you have a friend present here. Zhang Jian let out a breath of relief.

Lu Man smiled knowingly.

Nan Yin would definitely send reporters over, even if it wasn\'t Tang Zi, it would be someone else.

Just based on Nan Jingheng and Han Zhuoli\'s relationship, wasn\'t getting the video from the reporter a simple thing

Don\'t worry, we recorded everything, Tang Zi assured.

Once I get back home, I\'ll upload it on the computer and then send it to you.


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