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Unable to stand that cold gaze, Wang Qianyun lowered her head and did not dare to face Han Zhuoli.

Anxious, she made an excuse to run away.

Ryan, I need to make a trip to the restroom.

Frowning, Ryan rejected her.

We\'re already at this juncture, you can go in a while, don\'t delay things.


Don\'t say but! Don\'t forget why the company brought you along here! Ryan grumbled unhappily, Otherwise, what right do you have to be a producer for Attack Force

Seeing that she could not escape at all, Wang Qianyun could only thicken her skin and follow.

CEO Han. Walking closer to Han Zhuoli, Ryan greeted politely.

This must be the director of Red Tiger, Mr.

Ji Cheng, hello, hello.

Seeing Ryan\'s courteous, friendly actions, it was hard to imagine that he was looking down on Red Tiger just a while ago.

Although they had seen this sort of thing in the entertainment industry many times before, Zhang Jian and the others still felt disgusted.

CEO Han, Ryan politely said, I\'ve not seen you in very long! Previously, you came to America a few times, why didn\'t you visit us

I had come for business, so it was inconvenient, Han Zhuoli explained mildly.

Hahaha, it\'s nothing, we\'ll take the opportunity of the premiere of Attack Force to catch up, Grinning, Ryan said, I didn\'t come here alone this time, your little childhood sweetheart also came along.

We can take this chance for you all to meet up.

With a smile on his face, Ryan turned his head to talk to Wang Qianyun.

Eliza, come over.

You\'ve been missing CEO Han previously, why is it that you don\'t speak now that you\'ve met him

Naturally, Bourbotte tried to explain.

Ryan, don\'t you know that Asians have always been shy about these things

However, the thick-skinned Wang Qianyun took a step forward.

Big Brother Han.

A bit nervously, she hopefully looked at Han Zhouli, hoping that because of his Wang Juhuai he won\'t embarrass her in front of everyone.

Although she did not plan on giving up on Han Zhuoli, she had kept those things for later.

At this moment, she only hoped that Han Zhuoli would give her some face.

However, Han Zhuoli mockingly raised an eyebrow.

Childhood sweethearts Who said that

No matter how much blind confidence Ryan had, he immediately noticed something was wrong and laughed dryly.

Aren\'t you childhood sweethearts with Eliza

Ryan then shot daggers at Wang Qianyun, his gaze fierce.

She dared to trick the company!

A large company had been totally tricked by a little girl.

If other people go to know it, they would take them as a joke!

Having come up with an excuse, Wang Qianyun hurriedly explained to Ryan.

Big Brother Han doesn\'t know my English name.

You suddenly said Eliza, so he did not manage to react.

Thus, Ryan\'s facial expression became slightly better, and Wang Qianyun instantly explained to Han Zhuoli.

Big Brother Han, Eliza is my English name, Ryan is talking about me.

Her gaze was fixated on Han Zhuoli\'s face as she looked nervously and pitifully at him.

A look that would ignite the desire in men to protect her.

However, Zhang Jian had clearly heard Wang Qianyun pass derisive comments and look down on her own country even though she was a Chinese herself.

Thus, no matter how much Wang Qianyun pretended to be pitiful, Zhang Jian was not moved at all, instead, he found it that it was even more disgusting.

Not just him, but even Ji Cheng and Liu Chuanhui, as well as Sun Yiwu, were completely disgusted by her.

Moreover, Han Zhuoli was already annoyed with Wang Qianyun before, and now that he had heard about her contemptuous behavior from Zhang Jian, he couldn\'t care less about Wang Qianyun\'s life or death.

Thus, he coldly refuted her claim and said to Ryan, I think that you\'ve misunderstood, I\'m not familiar with her at all, there\'s no childhood sweetheart relationship.


Ryan looked at Han Zhuoli stunned.

But Eliza said that she was very familiar with you, and you knew each other from childhood.

Aren\'t you very familiar with Mr.



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