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Hearing that, Ji Cheng also looked over.

He had thought that Han Zhuoli was only here to accompany Lu Man, after all, as the CEO of Han Corporation, he still had to walk the red carpet alone.

But who knew that Han Zhuoli would not walk alone.

Anyway, Han Corporation is the main investor in the Red Tiger, I\'ll walk with the Red Tiger production group.

Everybody: …

Why did no one tell me that Lu Man was purely curious.

Han Zhuoli explained, If it were not for the fact that you were going to attend the premiere, I would have rejected the invitation.

But since you are here, I can\'t let you walk the red carpet with other people.

Ji Cheng: …

Liu Chuanhui: …

Zhang Jian: …

Haha, the other people Han Zhouli mentioned seemed to be them.

After all, Director Sun Yiwu had brought his wife along.

Not long after, a few employees came to inform them that it was their turn to walk down the red carpet and led the way in front.

Their group walked to the board and signed their names on it, and then accepted the invitations of the reporters for photos and short interviews.

The employees had been hired at the last minute, and thus they did not recognize Han Zhuoli.

But when Han Zhuoli stood in front of the reporters, the groups of reporters who had been noisy earlier, calling out the celebrities\' names suddenly stopped talking and it became quiet.

Usually, the reporters would surround the celebrities and pester them continuously, not at all scared their questions would not be answered.

But the current scenario was a very rare one.

Lu Man even heard a reporter take in a deep breath in shock as he wondered why was Han Zhuoli walking together with the Red Tiger production group

Even Wang Qianyun saw that and also noticed how Han Zhuoli looked standing next to with Lu Man.

No matter what, she would never admit that they complemented each other and looked like a pretty couple standing together.

Although she saw Han Zhuoli and Lu Man standing together but not having any intimate actions, Wang Qianyun could not help but feel something was not right.

She stared at Han Zhuoli and Lu Man for a while, feeling like there was something strange between them.

Something flashed in Wang Qianyun\'s mind, but it was too fast that she could not catch it.

Their interaction or behavior felt as if they both already knew each other.

But it would only be in the future that Wang Qianyun would recognize it to be the chemistry between a couple.

Right now, she couldn\'t pinpoint or recognize it.

Maybe because she had seen it too often, and was used to seeing it, she could not grasp that feeling upon seeing it today.

However, Wang Qianyun suddenly thought about Han Zhuoli\'s declaration today.

He said he already had a girlfriend!

Wang Qianyun looked at Lu Man, could it be this woman


How could Han Zhuoli find a woman in the entertainment industry as a girlfriend!

The Han Corporation was a family business passed down through generations in the Han family, and the Han family never had anyone find partners who worked in the entertainment industry.

Who\'s that Wang Qianyun asked her assistant, Ai Fangyuan, who was standing beside her.

The one on the stage is the main production team of Red Tiger, Ai Fangyuan explained and she didn\'t need to tell her that it was Han Zhuoli.

The one next to CEO Han is Red Tiger\'s female lead.

Ai Fangyuan was planning to continue introducing the others but Wang Qianyun raised her hand to stop her and asked curiously, Female lead

Since the screenings of Red Tiger in America were not much and had been oppressed until there were barely any airings, those who went to support were mostly the local Chinese people.

As for Wang Qianyun, she did not think of herself as a Chinese and did not watch Red Tiger.

Even though Red Tiger\'s box office collection were the highest in the country that it was hard for any other movie to live up to it, Wang Qianyun still looked down on this movie and did not even watch it.

And naturally, the American media would not report any news on Red Tiger.

Hence, it was indeed the first time Wang Qianyun saw Lu Man.

Yes, her luck is quite good, before this, Red Tiger\'s director had invited another female actress, but she asked for a pay hike at the last minute, and thus the role went to Lu Man and who knew that the box office would explode. Ai Fangyuan explained, and as for Lu Qi and Lu Man\'s relationship, since both Wang Qianyun and Ai Fangyuan were in America all along, they did not pay attention to the local entertainment industry\'s business.


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