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Her jealousy really made brim with happiness.

Even her jealous face was d*mn attractive!

Imagining her expression back then, Han Zhuoli couldn\'t help but break out into a smile, and his cold, dark eyes melted into soft tenderness.

Those black orbs seemed to have their own sunshine, so bright that people couldn\'t directly look at them yet they couldn\'t help but get attracted towards them.

Looking at Han Zhuoli\'s face, how could Wang Qianyun not understand

From the very start, she suspected that Han Zhuoli was lying to her, but now even she could tell that Han Zhuoli really had someone in his heart already.

That tenderness couldn\'t be faked.

He must be thinking about that woman.

Just the mention of his girlfriend had him thinking of her lovingly as his face clearly displayed all his emotions and love for her.

Honestly, Wang Qianyun was going to go crazy out of jealousy.

The fact that just a mere mention of that girl could make Han Zhouli have a loving expression on her face had made her face go green with envy.

Oh, how she wished to be the one Han Zhuoli was thinking of right now!

You\'re lying to me! Wang Qianyun yelled, trying to fool herself.

At this moment, she couldn\'t even care whether Zheng Tianming was still in the office watching her make a fool out of herself.

Wang Qianyun took a step forward, yet there was still a large and broad office desk blocking her from Han Zhouli.

How could you have a girlfriend I\'ve never heard of it!

She just never heard about it, never!

You must be lying to me so that I will give up! Wang Qianyun said anxiously.

Even so, for her, it was still better than Han Zhuoli really having a girlfriend.

Who do you think you are for me to put in so much effort to lie to you In other words, even if I really lied to you so that you would give up, doesn\'t that mean that I\'m not attracted to you in any way.

Why are you still so stuck up on this Han Zhuoli said sarcastically.

Besides, I really do have a girlfriend. Han Zhuoli said coldly, Don\'t come looking for me anymore.

I have nothing to do with you when it comes to work, and more so when it comes to private matters.

Today, I just let you come up so that I could tell you this and clear any misunderstandings.

In the future, even if you try to come up, I wouldn\'t let you come up at all.

He was thoroughly annoyed with Wang Qianyun\'s shamelessness, this woman was clinging onto him like glue and pestering him continuously.

Somehow, he had forgotten that he had shamelessly pestered Lu Man like this before he finally managed to trap Lu Man.

Zheng Tianming. Han Zhuoli ordered.

Send Miss Wang out.

The next moment, Zheng Tianming took a step towards her but Wang Qianyun waved Zheng Tianming away.

Brother Han, who is your girlfriend

Raising his eyebrows, Han Zhuoli said sarcastically, I\'ll tell you so that you can go and harass her

Hiding her true emotions very well, Wang Qianyun acted as if her soul had drifted away and said dejectedly, I just want to know what kind of woman you like.

I want to know where did I lose.

What lose Han Zhuoli smiled coldly.

You\'ve never even competed, I\'ve never even considered you before, what winner or loser

Trying to calm down her agitated nerves, Wang Qianyun held her breath for a long time before she finally blurted out.

Brother Han, all I did was like you, it\'s not even such a terrible or evil thing, why do you have to make me sound worthless

Not even sparing her a glance, Han Zhuoli lowered his head and continued his work.

Without even lifting his head up, he ordered Zheng Tianming domineeringly.

Chase her out.

Not only was Han Zhouli not seeing her off, but now he was also chasing her out.

Since childhood until now, Wang Qianyun had never received this much humiliation.

Yet, it was given to her by Han Zhuoli.

She should be angry, but seeing Han Zhuoli\'s handsome face, she couldn\'t hate him at all and all her anger dissipated.

Even if he ignored her, she couldn\'t even feel angry.

Right now, Han Zhuoli\'s head was into the papers and he was working with full concentration.

He didn\'t even look at her, treating her as if she didn\'t exist.

However, because of this, she admired him even more.

HIs cold elegance had a special charm, making her unable to look away, staring at him, smitten.


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