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Xia Qingwei quickly passed Han Zhuoli the indoor slippers she had prepared for him.

As Han Zhuoli changed his shoes, he heard Xia Qingwei say, This is also not your first time coming to our house, why did you bring so many things

With a big smile on his face, Han Zhuoli explained.

But this is my first time coming to the new house.

So, some housewarming gift.

Hearing it, Xia Qingwei smiled delightfully.

Right right right, you make sense.

Man Man, show Xiao Han around, I\'ll go prepare dinner.

Since Han Zhuoli was here, dinner couldn\'t be a simple affair anymore.

The new house had four rooms — three bedrooms and one study room — as well as a living room and a dining room.

Seeing that the master bedroom and the second main bedroom were quite far apart, Han Zhuoli nodded in satisfaction.

In case he was going to stay here, he wouldn\'t have to be worried that Xia Qingwei would overhear anything and feel awkward.

Looks pretty good. Han Zhuoli entered Lu Man\'s bedroom.

In the future, when we have kids and come here, the other bedroom can be for our children.

Anyway, he won\'t stay there.

He must stay in the same bedroom as Lu Man and he would insist on never moving out.

Lu Man: …

Han Zhuoli did think far ahead.

The more Han Zhuoli looked at Lu Man\'s room, the more pleased he was.

The room was more spacious, but mainly, the bed was big enough.

You brought all my clothes over too Han Zhuoli asked.

Of course. Lu Man opened the closet for him to take a look.

All the spare clothes he had bought to keep at their place were placed together with her clothes.

All of a sudden, it felt like he was living together with her.

Therefore, even if Han Zhuoli didn\'t stay here, whenever Lu Man opened the closet at night, she felt that Han Zhuoli was cohabiting with her.

The next moment, Han Zhuoli pulled Lu Man to sit on the side of the bed with him.

I\'ll stay here overnight then.

Lu Man pressed her lips together and smiled.

Suddenly, she closed in and pecked Han Zhuoli\'s lips lightly.


Han Zhuoli\'s breath hitched; Lu Man\'s delicate and beautiful smile pulled at his heart.

His hands were already clasping onto her waist.

Don\'t. However, Lu Man hurriedly stopped him.

Mom will be calling us soon.

I won\'t do anything else. Han Zhuoli picked her up.

I just want to kiss you.

He had only been away for a few days, yet he really missed her tremendously.

Seeing his eagerness, Lu Man felt shy and started fiddling with the buttons of Han Zhuoli\'s shirts.

The moment Han Zhuoli dipped his head and just about to kiss her when Xia Qingwei called from outside.

Xia Qingwei, Man Man, time for dinner!

Han Zhuoli: …

Pft! Lu Man laughed.

She found Han Zhuoli\'s frustrated expression really adorable.

She quickly pecked him on the lips and hurriedly jumped up, standing straight.

Let\'s go.

Han Zhouli smiled resignedly and followed Lu Man out.

Seeing that their clothes were still neat and tidy, Xia Qingwei smiled a little and placed the dishes on the table.

Just as they were eating, Ji Cheng called.

Brother Ji Lu Man greeted him.

Oh Lu Man, have you had dinner Ji Cheng asked politely.

I am having it right now.

Have you eaten

Not yet, I\'m still on my way home now.

Looks like I\'m disturbing your meal right now.

Ok, I\'ll talk to you later then, Ji Cheng said, smiling.

Don\'t don\'t don\'t. Lu Man hurriedly said, You\'re not disturbing.

Please tell me what\'s the matter.

Oh it\'s this, isn\'t that Hollywood show Special Attack Force about to air soon They are going to have the premiere event this Friday.

Their director and main cast and crew are all coming over to promote it.

Our Red Tiger team also received the invitation for their premiere event. Ji Cheng explained.

I just wanted to ask if you\'re available Old Liu and Xiao Zhang have all agreed, we can go together.

You are the main female lead, after all, so do try to come if you\'re free.

Without you, it feels like our team isn\'t complete.


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