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As to how he looked like, there was no one who could firmly say anything very substantial.

Lu Qi had originally planned on using their descriptions to confirm who was it, but in the end, all she got was trivial information.


After Han Zhuoli drove the car for a while, he chose an ordinary alley, and drove into it before stopping his car at the side.

Who knew that the alley he found would be completely isolated.

On both the side of the alley, there were trees with yellow-red leaves that provides a thick shed.

He had just stopped the car when she heard the seatbelt being released.

Lu Man\'s heart skipped a bit and before she could react her seatbelt had been undone by Han Zhuoli.

The very next second that moment, he pulled her to sit on his lap.

His cologne\'s fragrance had completely engulfed the whole car.

And now that she lay in his embrace, that attractive scent hit her even stronger.

Raising her eyes, her gaze fixated on his seductive lips which carried a slight minty scent on them.

Having not seen each other for a few days, Lu Man realized that she missed him a lot.

Why did you come to fetch me Lu Man remember how every time Han Zhuoli had time, he would come and fetch her, and not wanting him to misunderstand, he hurriedly explained.

I\'m saying, why did you drive into the school.

Before this, whether it was Han Zhuoli or Xiao Chen, they did not try to make it grand and never did they drive into the school campus.

It was only on that day when the two Han elders and Shen Nuo came to help her and had especially driven their car into the schoo campus.

I need to let people know that your boyfriend is not an old man, Han Zhuoli said, his face darkening.

The previous few days, when the rumors troubled you and maligned your image, I was not here, so I could not personally stand up for you.

This was like a thorn in his heart and he just couldn\'t forget how his girlfriend\'s reputation was tainted by a rumor.

He had got to know about it from Han Zhoufeng the very moment his plane had landed.

Han Zhoufeng had been worried that if he did not tell Han Zhouli about it right away, then if Zhuoli were to find out once he came back, he would definitely come to settle score with him.

In the end, even though Han Zhuoli was working overseas, he did not feel at ease.

Although he knew that Lu Man would not be depressed or harmed by the rumors, his heart still aches for her and he felt guilty.

He was guilty since he was not there to protect and stand up for her when she needed him the most and because he could not do what was the most basic thing he should do as he man.

If it were not for his grandparents and Shen Nuo\'s instant reaction, going to school and standing up in support of Lu Man, Han Zhuoli would have flown back the same day.

Right now, Lu Man\'s eyes shines brightly as she looked affectionately at Han Zhouli.

So you specially drove a car into school today to let people see you

She knew that Han Zhuoli did not like to attract attention, and he would often try to prevent showing his face at a lot of events.

Even at that time when she had just got to know him and they participated in the charity night, he should have walked the red carpet, yet he willingly didn\'t.

When it came to such high profile public events, unless there was an absolute need for him to show himself, he wouldn\'t.

Since I\'m here to fetch you, I\'ll just take the chance to show my face. Han Zhuoli\'s low voice sounded sweet, and seeing Lu Man touched because of his normal actions, he was elated and his heart was filled with warmth.

Knowing that his actions made her happy, warmth filled his heart.

Even if he would have done it because it was his choice, there was a difference between the receiver being grateful for it and acting like it was expected of him and everyone would prefer the former\'s reaction.

Yet Han Zhuoli did not tell her that he had taken a night flight to B City and the moment his plane landed in the morning, he hurried home to put his luggage down, and quickly changed into new clothes to go pick her up from school.

Having her class timings in mind, he had quickly settled things so that there would be just enough time to come over to fetch her.


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