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Furthermore, the two bodyguards would definitely report to Han Zhuoli about what had happened today.

If she did not say anything, she would be acting like an ingrate.

“Alright, Ill return home to get the card now, then make lunch and bring it over.

You cant keep eating hospital food.” Since there was no one else to care for Xia Qingwei, Lu Man had no choice but to buy food from the hospital cafeteria every day.

“You can go back first, dont worry about me.” Xia Qingwei wanted her to stop worrying.

“Its just a few hours, Ill be alright.”

As Lu Man took her bag and left, she just happened to see Zhou Cheng and Xu Hui sitting on the chairs opposite of the hospital room.

Seeing her, the two immediately stood up.

“Big brother Zhou, big brother Xu, I need to make a trip back home and prepare lunch for my mom, Ill have to trouble you to make sure everything is okay here,” Lu Man said, feeling embarrassed.

“Theres no need to be so polite, you can just call us by our names,” Zhou Cheng immediately said, he could not afford Lu Man calling himbig brother Zhou so politely,

No matter for what reason Han Zhuoli had for making them stay behind, it was obvious that Lu Man was special in Han Zhuolis eyes.

Moreover, Zhou Cheng and Xu Hui had been under Han Zhuoli for quite a long time now, but they had never seen Han Zhuoli look at any woman more than once.

Han Zhuoli was the CEO of the Han Corporation, the ruling company of the entertainment circle, even though he was a part of the flashy entertainment circle, he was not at all involved with any women, but no one would believe them even if they told others.

Yet he was exactly like that.

However, Lu Man was the only one, for whom Han Zhuoli had made an exception.

Hence, Zhou Cheng and Xu Hui did not dare to belittle Lu Man at all.

Even if it was not to the extent of treating her like she was the future CEOs wife, she still had to be treated with whatever respect she deserved.

“Yes, yes, theres no need to be so polite with us,” Xu Hui said, “From the two of us, why dont you choose one of us to go with you”

Lu Man rejected their offer.

Even though they were left behind by Han Zhouli, they were not her personal bodyguards, so she was embarrassed to make use of them like that.

Zhou Cheng said, “How about you let Xu Hui follow you.

Since Lu Qiyuan could bring people to the hospital to catch you, its hard to say that he wont bring people over to your house to catch you.

If theres really any problems, with Xu Hui there, itll be less worrisome.”

Giving it a thought, Lu Man felt that he was right.

He had not considered everything, and with Lu Qiyuan and Xia Qingyangs desperate attitude like that of a cornered animal, it was possible that they would actually do that.

Hence, Xu Hui followed her home.

Moreover, since Zhou Cheng and Xu Huis car was parked at the hospital parking lot, it prevented her the trouble of taking public transport.

Upon reaching her doorway, Lu Man intended to open the door but found that something seemed wrong with her door lock.

Naturally, Xu Hui also noticed, and he instantly pulled Lu Man behind his back and said softly, “Wait outside first, you can enter after I make sure that nothing is wrong.”

Lu Man nodded.

Xu Hui lightly turned the door handle, there was no sound at all and the door opened just like that.

Lu Mans face darkened, Xu Hui gave her a hand sign, telling her to be careful, and then entered first by himself.

Whereas Lu Man waited anxiously at the door, not wanting to hinder Xu Hui, and did not make any noise at all.

However, she only stretched her neck to peek inside upon suddenly hearing the sound of fighting.

It was followed by the sound of something crashing, it was most likely that someone was being thrown onto the ground.

After a while, she heard Xu Hui yell, “Lu Man, you can enter now.”

Earlier when they were on their way to her house, Lu Man had asked Xu Hui to directly call her by her name.

She was not Xu Hui and Zhou Chengs boss or superior and was just receiving help from the two of them, and so she did not have the face to be arrogant.

Lu Man rushed inside and saw a young man sitting on the floor, his face all bruised up and hands tied behind the back by Xu Hui using curtains.

If it was not for the fact that his hair was being pulled on by Xu Hui, it would probably have been too painful for him to even sit straight.


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