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Thinking about Lu Qiyuan\'s personality, Xia Qingwei honestly felt that he could really do anything.

I\'m just scared that for Lu Qi\'s sake, he would shamelessly go look for Zhuoli.

Zhuoli definitely wouldn\'t agree to anything.

Honestly, although he is my biological father, I don\'t acknowledge him and neither does Zhuoli, so it\'s useless for him to look for Zhouli either.

But that is still very honestly too disgusting of him to pester Zhuoli, and to pester the Han family. Imagining the scenario, Lu Man imagined clenched her fist.

Being together with Zhuoli, I can\'t help him in any way, but at least I can\'t let myself drag him down.

The elders in the Han family treat me so well too, and genuinely treat me as a part of their family.

When I am wronged, they are more anxious than anyone else and so the more I can\'t let Lu Qiyuan and Xia Qingyang harass and disgust them.

I can\'t let them be implicated and feel annoyed because of me.

Even Xia Qingwei was so furious that her body trembled in rage.

That son of a b*tch!

She had not even an ounce of doubt.

Lu Qiyuan could really do go to such extent!

For his own benefit, Lu Qiyuan would completely not care about his dignity!

I really hate it.

How can I completely get rid of all ties with him Even if we don\'t want to have any relation with him, he can always thicken his skin and treat himself as your father and come looking for us on his own accord.

This man… this man… Xia Qingwei clenched her fist in hatred, her nails digging hard into her palm.

She was really blind in the past!

Worried, Lu Man tried to pull Xia Qingwei\'s fist apart and rubbed her palm gently.

Today, the two elders and Auntie went to school.

Sooner or later, my and Zhuoli\'s relationship will be known too.

Therefore, I want to move house.

Perhaps I won\'t be able to hide forever, but at least for a short period of time, Lu Qiyuan won\'t be able to come looking for us.

Otherwise, once the relationship between her and Han Zhuoli is announced, it was guaranteed that Lu Qiyuan would definitely come barging on their door again.

Move house Xia Qingwei\'s heartstrings tugged a little.

Lu Man nodded and explained her calmly.

If we sell this apartment, the money I\'ve earned should be enough to pay for the down payment.

The contract I signed with Red Tiger is like this, Director Ji gave me 1 million yuan as my salary but once the movie stops airing, he would split the box office profits with me accordingly.

I think that by that time, it should be enough to even afford and pay for the house entirely.

Originally, I was thinking of us moving after I get the money not only to avoid Lu Qiyuan\'s harassment, but also to get a bigger place and a better neighborhood.

It\'s just that today, something like this cropped up, so I can only push it forward.

Lu Qi would definitely be curious about my boyfriend\'s family background.

In the past, although they had seen me and Zhuoli together several times, they would never have imagined that Zhuoli would like me.

However now if they start connecting the dots and linking the clues, even if they didn\'t believe it before, they would realize it sooner or later.

Xia Qingwei nodded in agreement.

You\'re right.

I\'ll listen to you.

Anyway, Xia Qingwei agreed to leave their current apartment as there was no reason to not move.

As for your money, right now, I\'ve only used a little of the cash prize you won for Golden Finger award.

I didn\'t touch any of the salary you earned from Greedy Wolf Operation and Red Tiger.

I have also been saving up your salary in the past, and together with that cash prize, it should be enough for our expenses this year.

I\'ve taken a look at the real estate agency nearby here before, an apartment like ours in this neighborhood can be sold for 3.5 million, so together with your salary from the film, it should be enough for a downpayment.

Yeah, I\'ve calculated before.

We can get a mortgage.

Once I get my share of the profits, we can pay up the remaining amount of money, Lu Man said.

Changing an apartment, changing for a bigger one in a better neighborhood, was like completely saying goodbye to her past, and starting a brand new life.

And Xia Qingwei was also really looking forward to it.


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