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Since then, he had never touched any sweets, cakes or any such things.

Although she asked him, Auntie Sun still took out a sealed box of Godiva truffle chocolates for him.

Opening the box, Han Zhuofeng grumbled, It\'s so cheesy out there that I felt nauseated and my mouth felt a little sour.

I came here to eat something sweet, otherwise I will surely vomit.

Auntie Sun: …

After a short while since they had sat down, Auntie Sun served all the dishes so that the lunch could begin.

Zhuofeng, have you recommended your classmates to watch Red Tiger yet Old Mrs Han asked.

Feeling frustrated and annoyed, Han Zhuofeng snickered.

I don\'t even need to recommend it.

During the holidays, all of them watched it with their family and friends already.

When I tried recommending today, they even said that I was late to the party, and were shocked that I only found out only now.

Honestly, Han Zhuofeng was really annoyed with that.

Didn\'t they just start school

It\'s not like he only just found out now that Red Tiger was popular.

Their family had even invested in Red Tiger , how could he not know

Then take them out to watch it a few more times, Old Mrs Han said.

… With a face deadpan, Han Zhuofeng sneered, Why don\'t you my older brother to buy a few million tickets Although no one might go to watch, it can add to the box office sales.

That won\'t do.

There are still many people out there who want to watch it.

Wouldn\'t we be snatching away their seats Old Mrs Han shook her head in disapproval.

Han Zhuofeng: …

This old lady sure was hard to please!

Actually, the growth rate of Red Tiger\'s box office sale has started to slow down.

In just another half a month, Attack Force produced by Maxus Company is about to premiere, it will definitely take up a large proportion of the box office.

Moreover, the audience would already have had their fill with Red Tiger.

So at that time, they would switch to watch Attack Force instead.

Taking a Shanghai hairy crab, Han Zhouli carefully removed its shell for Lu Man and dipped the crab roe in crab vinegar before placing it onto Lu Man\'s plate.

He then started peeling the crab meat bit by bit and placed them on Lu Man\'s plate.

He even gave peeled the meat of the crab leg in one complete piece for her.

Not only did he use the crab shell to arrange it to look like a crab, he also arranged the crab meat into crab shape

Han Zhuoli was so focused on taking care of Lu Man that the dedication with which his long, slender fingers peeled the crab meat made him even more attractive than usual.

Watching his love for Lu Man, Xia Qingwei said sheepishly, Xiao Han, don\'t just worry about Man Man all the time.

She even nagged Lu Man a little.

Man Man, you should look out for Xiao Han more too.

I\'m willing to take the crab meat out for her. Han Zhuoli didn\'t find it a hassle at all.

Xia Qingwei: …

Sure, now she felt like she was a busybody.

The look of pleasure and blissful happiness on Han Zhouli\'s face was almost blinding.

Now, even Lu Man started to feel a little embarrassed.

Just when she was about to do it herself, she was stopped by Han Zhuoli.

Don\'t dirty your hands.

I like doing this for you.

When Shen Nuo saw it, she couldn\'t help but raise her eyebrows at Han Xijin.

Why isn\'t Han Xijin as thoughtful as his son

Han Xijin: …

Naughty brat! You flaunting your love is putting me in trouble!

This naughty brat can flaunt his love to please Lu Man but he shouldn\'t implicate him!

Now, it seemed like Han Xijin couldn\'t even compare to Han Zhuoli who was dating for the first time.

I don\'t even see you caring for your mom\'s food so diligently before, Han Xijin sneered angrily.

Chiming in, Old Mrs Han narrowed her eyes at him.

You have never cared for my food before either.

Han Xijin: …

Since Han Zhuoli started dating, his status in the family was really rising every single day!

In the past, Old Mrs Han would only bicker with Han Zhuoli, but right now she would bicker with everyone, but not just Han Zhuoli.

Hehe. Shen Nuo mocked Han Xijin.

Han Xijin: … Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Thus, he silently picked up a crab and started removing the shell for Shen Nuo.


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