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Seducing me Han Zhuoli squinted, a dangerous glow in his eyes.

How could he have forgotten that this little girl was practically a vixen

I\'m not! Lu Man glared at him .

Why was this man so good at twisting the truth Let\'s hurry up and go in, don\'t let the elders wait for too long.

As she spoke, Lu Man wriggled in his lap, trying to get out of his embrace.

Yet Han Zhouli again held her waist tightly and pulled her close to his body.

Wanting to leave, Lu Man struggled in his embrace, pushing against Han Zhuoli because of which Han Zhuoli threatened her in a hoarse and deep voice.

Stop moving, otherwise I won\'t mind doing you right here in the car.

Lu Man: …

Without even looking downwards, she could clearly feel his arousal.

Thus, Lu Man kept still, but Han Zhuoli couldn\'t help but move a little.

Lu Man sucked in a breath in soft, trembling weakly in his arms.

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Didn\'t you say I should hurry up and go in Han Zhuoli looked all innocent.

Lu Man: …

This man was really talented at twisting the meaning of other people\'s words!

And he was pretty good at acting innocent!

Even Han Zhuoli knew that they couldn\'t do anything right outside of the Old Han family mansion, especially in broad daylight.

Thus, he held onto Lu Man\'s hands.

Why not you help me out

Just when Lu Man was thinking about how to deal with this man\'s thick skin, Han Zhuoli\'s phone rang.

This time, it\'s your phone ringing, don\'t blame me. Lu Man tittered, rolling her big round eyes gloatingly.

This made Han Zhuoli grind his teeth in anger.

Feeling a bit frustrated, Han Zhouli smacked her on the bum.

Just as he was going to reject the call, Lu Man\'s sharp eyes saw the caller ID.

It\'s from the old mansion.

Hence, Han Zhuoli reluctantly picked up the call.


Your car has been parked at the entrance for really long.

Why aren\'t you guys coming in yet Old Mrs Han stood by the window, gazing outside anxiously.

Han Zhuoli: …

How long has Old Mrs Han been watching

Since the time you parked the car at the door, I knew you guys were here! Old Mrs Han said anxiously.

Young brat, hurry up and bring Man Man in!

Got it. Han Zhuoli hung up the phone and finally let go of Lu Man.

He then took some time to calm himself down as he suppressed the flame ignited in him by Lu Man.

Just now, when Han Zhuoli picked up the call, Lu Man clearly heard everything Old Mrs.

Han said since she was extremely close to him.

Flushed red, Lu Man couldn\'t help but cover her face.

She really..

.really was too embarrassed to go in!

Let\'s go. Han Zhuoli drove the car to Old Han family mansion\'s backyard.

He then quickly opened the door and got out of the car.

Whereas, Lu Man reluctantly dawdled her way out of the car too.

What\'s there to be embarrassed about He entwinged his fingers with Lu Man\'s.

Our relationship is full of love and intimacy.

That\'s not something that they don\'t know either.

Lu Man: …

Holding her hand, Han Zhuoli entered the Old Han family mansion with Lu Man where Xia Qingwei was chatting with Shen Nuo in the living room.

Curious, Old Mrs Han couldn\'t help but ask, Both of you reached long ago, why are you two only entering now

Shaking his head, Old Mr Han tsked her.

What else could two youngsters be doing alone Why do you have so many questions

Lu Man: …

With a solemn expression on his face, Han Zhuoli explained.

Man Man ranked first so a lot of people called to congratulate her.

I didn\'t even have the chance to talk to her.

Finally, after a lot of time, the congratulatory calls stopped, so the two of us were just being a little intimate.

Lu Man: …

Suddenly, Han Zhuofeng felt nauseated.

Covering his mouth, he ran to the kitchen looking for Auntie Sun.

Auntie Sun, do you have any sweets Chocolates will do too.

Surprised, Auntie Sun asked, Since when did you like eating sweets

This child really loved eating sweets when he was young.

All children do.

However, since the first year of middle school, who knew what kind of trauma he suffered or what happened to his brain, but he suddenly said that real men don\'t need sweets.


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