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No wonder.

It\'s a pity that Zhang Xiaoying\'s new drama is a flop.


Xu Ningxian: Sister Lu Man has the same personality on the Internet and in real life as well, she doesn\'t put on a mask.

Those who don\'t know can go and take a look at the long Weibo post I posted before.

After I received the acceptance letter from National Media University, I immediately informed Sister Lu Man about it, and she even gave me her notes on the classic public relations cases that she had made back when she was working.

Xu Ningxian then attached a photo below her text.

It was of the notes on public relations cases that Lu Man had sent her.

Other than printed content, the sides were also crammed with annotations, all sorts of analysis, as well as Lu Man\'s own opinions on them.

Oh gosh, this is the most thoughtful present I\'ve ever seen.

I envy you, congrats!

This is even more heartwarming than those expensive gifts people gift.


I don\'t compare Lu Man to other idols.

But I\'ve never really seen such a heartwarming present before.

This was arranged by Lu Man herself.

With her terrifying success in the public relations profession, this is definitely a heavenly gift!

Such a sweet gesture, you definitely didn\'t choose the wrong idol!

To express her gratitude, Lu Man reposted Sun Yiwu and everyone else\'s congratulatory posts.

She even reposted and replied to Sister Li\'s posts and congratulatory messages from her colleagues in the Public Relations Department.

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Right now, she was thinking about whether she should give Sun Yiwu a call.

After all, it\'s a just a tiny matter where she got first place for her finals, but it really shocked her that it Sun Yiwu especially posted a message on Weibo to congratulate her.

Just when she was contemplating whether to call him, she got a call from Sun Yiwu.

Within a second, Lu Man picked it up and greeted happily.

Uncle Sun.

Sun Yiwu honestly treated her really well.

He treated her as a close junior, so naturally, Lu Man couldn\'t be distant otherwise it would hurt him.

As expected, once Sun Yiwu heard Lu Man\'s greeting, he broke into a happy smile.

Hey! Lu Man, my famous niece!

Lu Man almost spat out her saliva upon hearing him greet her like that.

Uncle Sun, I saw it on Weibo just now.

Thank you so much!

Why are you being so polite! Ji Cheng and I were originally thinking to take you out for a celebration but thinking about Master Han, we decided not to.

It\'s just a final exam.

There\'s really no need to involve so many people. Lu Man was feeling a bit shy.

This is not just an ordinary first place.

What\'s important is to let those noisy, arrogant people shut their mouths and render them speechless! It was also because of this that Sun Yiwu dragged Ji Cheng and everyone else to congratulate her online.

He wanted to show that they were supporting Lu Man.

It was also to let Zhang Xiaoying and others know that Lu Man wasn\'t someone with no backing.

After thanking Sun Yiwu, Lu Man took the initiative to give Ji Cheng a call.

After thanking everybody, she finally was free to spend time with Han Zhuoli.

In the end, while she was busy calling everyone, Han Zhouli had already driven their car to the old mansion.

Grandma knew that you got the first place so she wanted me to bring you along for a celebration.

Our mom is here too, Han Zhuoli told her cheerfully.

As long as it was to celebrate her achievement, no matter what, the Han family elders would not forget about Xia Qingwei.

This made Lu Man\'s heart ooze with warmth and happiness.

However, Lu Man didn\'t know whether to laugh or cry.

It\'s just my finals.

You all are making it like a grand event.

Grandma\'s actual words were, you slapped everyone\'s faces so spectacularly this time, it\'s not just to celebrate you getting first place, but also to celebrate that you used your true capability and talent to slap them in the face, Han Zhuoli said.

Regarding this, Old Mr.

Han\'s felt that Old Mrs.

Han was a bit unhappy that this matter hasn\'t been blown up big enough.

At that moment, Lu Man broke into a smile, this was really Old Mrs.

Han\'s style.

She was just about to get off the car and after unbuckling her seat belt, she was just about to open the door when she was suddenly scooped up by Han Zhuoli into his lap.


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