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Ji Cheng: Congratulations, a rightful first place!

After that, Zhang Shuidong, Zhang Jian, Yu Yanshu, Liu Chuanhui, even Du Lin congratulated her on Weibo.

She had only just achieved a mere first place in her first finals, yet so many people were congratulating her.

Even her colleagues back in Han Corporation Public Relations Department also sent her congratulatory messages on Weibo.

On the other hand, all those people who tried to defame her in the past were rendered speechless.

Qiao Luna\'s hope of making a comeback using Fighting Hero was completely destroyed.

Right now, she could only duck her head and pretend to be invisible, wishing that the Han Corporation\'s senior management wouldn\'t notice her anymore.

As for those directors who mocked Red Tiger and Lu Man just to get on Zhang Lun\'s good side were also mum.

Even Zhang Xiaoying and the other students who bashed Lu Man on Weibo were also as silent as the grave.

However, the busybody neutral netizens couldn\'t sit still.

Where\'s Zhang Xiaoying What about Yu Jingxian Come out, what did you say about Lu Man before Come out and say it once more if you dare!


I was thinking why didn\'t Lu Man say anything to rebut them in the past, turns out she was waiting to slap them in the face with reality.

Slapping others in the face with her talent.

D*mn cool!

I would like to apologize to Lu Man and apologize to Lu Man\'s fans too.

At first, when a few directors came up to scold Lu Man, I didn\'t think too much into it.

I just thought that this was the normal competitive situation in the industry, just like in any other industry.

However, when Lu Man\'s classmates also came out and scolded Lu Man, claiming that she was arrogant, haughty and belittled others, saying that her character was bad and she was boastful, I really believed it.

After all, we only get to know Lu Man through the internet.

In this day and age, every celebrity is putting on a mask, there will definitely be a difference between how they behave in front of the public and in real life.

Therefore, when her classmates stood up against her, I really thought they we might have been fooled by Lu Man, fooled by her image on the internet.

She could really be like what her classmates describe; private, arrogant and boastful.

Arrogant over a little success.

Back then, Lu Man also didn\'t explain anything, so I really thought that Lu Man was feeling guilty, and thus I believed her classmates\' words even more.

That was until today when Lu Man used reality to prove those people wrong.

Only now do I know that it wasn\'t that Lu Man didn\'t dare to stand up because she was feeling guilty, but she was always waiting to slap people in the face with the harsh truth.

She was just waiting for the results to be released today so that she can slap them in the face with the results written in black and white and shut those mouths!

No matter whether or not Lu Man is really crazy in private, just based on this ability, she also has the right to be crazy.

As for those who look down on Lu Man, I only want to say, what right do you have If you guys can really score better than Lu Man, then do belittle and look down on Lu Man again.

Otherwise, you don\'t even have the right to belittle and look down on her.

I agree with the comment above.

However, there\'s something I want to correct.

Lu Man is definitely such a crazy and wild person in private.

Otherwise, there wouldn\'t be classmates who were willing to stand up for her.

Only a portion of the students are saying that Lu Man is bad, but we can\'t ignore that today, it was also her classmate who first posted Lu Man\'s results.

I agree with you.

In the National Film Academy and National Drama Academy, the competition must be pretty fierce.

Those people are going to join or have already entered the entertainment industry.

Each one of them must be pretty jealous of Lu Man and thus trying to defame her online.

Yet, clearly, Lu Man still has friends.

I have a classmate in the National Film Academy\'s Performance major, she is in the same class as Zhang Xiaoying and Lu Man.

She said that Zhang Xiaoying was originally the most popular in this class, but after Lu Man joined, she stole the limelight from her, so Zhang Xiaoying was very unhappy and furious about it and thus she kept going against Lu Man.

That Slender Master Hand is Zhang Xiaoying\'s minion.


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