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In front of our Goddess of Fury Man, don\'t be stubborn!

Yet at the same time, some people were questioning.

Is there anyone from the National Film Academy Is what this Pan Xue person posted real

It\'s highly likely that this photograph was fabricated.

Lu Man got the first place just because she said so

What are you guys! At the start, when they were slandering Lu Man, you believed them.

Now that the results are out, and in Lu Man\'s favor, you guys don\'t want to believe it.

Everyone, look here quickly! National Film Academy\'s official account also posted something!

On the National Film Academy\'s official Weibo which had the approved blue V logo: Congratulations to the top ten students in all batches of the Performance major.

Right after that, they posted all the top ten rankings of all the batches of the Performance major.

The school had officially posted the same as in the photograph that Pan Xue took, corroborating the accuracy of Pan Xue\'s Weibo post.

It confirmed that Lu Man indeed got a high score and was the topper.

From her theory class to her performance class, all her scores were excellent.

My Man is a study beast!


The school has even personally proved it.

I want to see who else dares to say that Lu Man is faking it!

Those who were full of themselves in the past, suspecting and raising questions to show off their IQ, what do you have to say now

After browsing through a couple of posts, Lu Man stopped surfing.

Putting away her phone, she turned her head and saw Zhang Xiaoying\'s ugly expression.

Reminded of the bet, Lu Man stood up and walked in front of Fan Xiyue.

Fan Xiyue, you still remember our bet from before, right In the future, whenever you see me, lower your head.

You\'re not allowed to look at me in the eye, Lu Man said coldly.

You! Fan Xiyue burst in rage.

Lower your head! You\'re not allowed to raise your head! Lu Man scolded her harshly.

Fan Xiyue reluctantly lowered her head, afraid of looking at Lu Man.

From the side, Pan Xue clapped in happiness.

That\'s right.

Remember this.

In the future, when you see Lu Man, don\'t raise your head ever!

Previously, it didn\'t find it great, but now she realized that this move of Lu Man was too nasty.

This meant that Fan Xiyue could never live with her head held high in front of Lu Man ever!

Today, after collecting her report and books, Lu Man left for the day.

Once she left the classroom, she called Han Zhuoli.

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Ok, Han Zhuoli replied simply and hung up the phone.

Coming out of the school, Lu Man saw Han Zhuoli\'s Bentley Mulsanne parked across the street.

Excited, she hurriedly walked over, opened the door and entered.

But before she could even fasten her seat belt, Han Zhuoli suddenly closed in on her and aimed for her lips, kissing her as he pressed her against the door.

I saw your results.

Congratulations, Han Zhuoli thick and elegant voice sounded out through his hot, wet lips lowly.

As his breath blew on her, it scalded her.

Lu Man\'s hand involuntarily clutched onto his shoulders.

Her lips were now flushed red and plump, even swollen a little from his kisses.

Displeased, she pouted unhappily, You already know I still wanted to tell you personally.

This man didn\'t even leave any room of surprise for her.

Han Zhuoli froze for a moment then smiled.

Who told you to blow it up so much on Weibo

Anything tiny thing that happened to her would be exposed by others.

How could it even wait for her to tell him personally

Perplexed, Lu Man blinked at him.


Blew up

Even though she was a little popular, but she wasn\'t that famous, right

Seeing her reaction, Han Zhuoli knew that she still didn\'t know.

Take a look.

He released Lu Man a little, letting Lu Man go onto Weibo to take a look.

Lu Man originally thought that it were just fans congratulating her.

Yet, once she opened Weibo, she found out that Sun Yiwu and others had actually posted something too.

Sun Yiwu: Congratulations Lu Man for getting first place in your exams.


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