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On the other hand, from the time Great Desert started airing to until now, their viewership ratings had just continued on a downward trend.

In the end, they were even beaten by that brainless show which was earlier in the last place, turning them into the laughing stock of the industry.

Hence, the students finally realized that the bonus points from the internship also took into account how the show fared.

Red Tiger\'s box office was high and Lu Man performed well in it, so naturally, she would have more bonus points.

Whereas Great Desert was a low-quality show and Zhang Xiaoying\'s acting in it wasn\'t outstanding either, so naturally, her bonus points would be lesser.

They just gave some points for consolation.

This also prevented the students from just blindly taking on lousy shows just to get bonus points.

With a face green with envy and anger, Zhang Xiaoying sat down harshly.

However, Professor Liang just ignored her and said, I\'ll paste the results of the top ten in the front.

If anyone has any questions, you can come up to take a look and ask me too.

Ok, after you collect your books, you can all leave. After Professor Liang spoke, she left the classroom and headed to the Principal Office.

Principal, it is all settled. Professor Liang informed Principal Liu as he walked into the Principal Office.

Actually, the school originally didn\'t plan to release the results this way.

However, during the holidays, it just so happened that the students in the Performance class kept provoking Lu Man on Weibo.

And when the results of the exam came out, after realizing that Lu Man surprisingly achieved the first rank, Principal Liu immediately decided to release the results this way.

After all, Han Zhuoli had just invested in a new theatre for the school.

From now on, the National Drama Academy wasn\'t the only one with one.

Good job.

You don\'t have to care about the rest, Principal Liu said.

In the class, Pan Xue was the first one to dash up to the front of the classroom.

She hurriedly used her mobile phone to take a picture of the rankings.


Didn\'t Yu Jingxian slander Lu Man on Weibo before

Now she could finally slap her in the face! She had been holding it in really hard!

As soon as Pan Xue returned to her seat, Zheng Yuanshi and Han Leilei crowded over.

Excited, they started discussing on how to release it.

Oh my gosh! Why are we even discussing amongst ourselves! Pan Xue patted her head.

There\'s a professional around! Let\'s ask Lu Man.

Right, right. Zheng Yuanshi hurriedly pulled Lu Man over.

Lu Man, how do you think we should release it

On the other hand, Zhang Xiaoying was livid.

They were actually discussing this right in front of her!

Smiling, Lu Man said nonchalantly, Since I already got the first place, it doesn\'t matter how you release it.

Just do it according to what you think is right, it won\'t be wrong no matter how you say it.

Ok, then I\'m writing it. Pan Xue agreed.

After typing the post, she still let Lu Man take a look first.

Once Lu Man confirmed that it was fine, Pan Xue posted it on Weibo.

Pan Xue: Hahahahaha, I\'m Lu Man\'s classmate.

The results of our finals for our Performance class are out.

Without further ado, see the picture!

With this caption, she had attached a picture.

It was the ranking sheet.

Lu Man\'s name was in the first place!

Nothing looked better than the truth.

Zheng Yuanshi immediately reposted: Hehe, look at who is getting slapped in the face now! Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Within a second, Han Leilei reposted it too.

She didn\'t forget to @Yu Jingxian and Zhang Xiaoying too.

@Slender 1 Master Hand, you weren\'t wrong.

At that time, didn\'t Lu Man say that she would crush you guys, and now she did.

Our Lu Man is someone who lives up to her words!

Right now, Lu Man didn\'t even have to repost Pan Xue\'s Weibo post.

Recently, with Red Tiger\'s popularity, Lu Man was already on the rise.

She was the person who was almost taking over the top searches every day.

Moreover, Lu Man\'s fans would also search for related terms.

Immediately, they saw Pan Xue\'s post and all started reposting it.

Our Goddess of Fury Man definitely lives up to her name!


After a summer break, I was shocked by Red Tiger and even forgot about this matter.

Lu Man has already started slapping faces the moment school reopened! 纖纖 means Slender, which is the same character as 纖 Xian in Yu Jingxian\'s name.

Her Weibo username is a pun.


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