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Shocked, Zhuang Tingting hurriedly looked over.

Go out if you\'re not interested to listen! Is there something important that you just can\'t wait to discuss until I finished announcing the rankings

Being scolded in front of so many people, Zhuang Tingting was very embarrassed and humiliated.

Clenching her teeth tightly, she didn\'t dare to say anything else.

2nd place. Professor Liang looked over at them.

However, since Zhuang Tingting just so happened to sit close to Zhang Xiaoying, everyone thought that Professor Liang was casting a warning look at Zhuang Tingting.

Zhang Xiaoying, 491 points, of which she scored 481 points for her exam, and a bonus 10 points for her extra-curricular practical internship, Professor Liang announced.

Suddenly, the whole class blew and started gossiping.

Zhang Xiaoying isn\'t the topper

The extra 10 points are probably for Great Desert.

491! Leaving aside the extra 10 points, she still has 481 points.

The exam is of 550, so 481 points isn\'t low at all.

Could there really be someone with a higher score than her

Actually, Zhang Xiaoying\'s theory exam score wasn\'t high.

It was just average.

What pushed her score high were her marks from her Performance exam.

Since Zhang Xiaoying was already famous.

the examiner already had that biased impression.

Moreover, comparing it with the other students, she had a rich experience in performance, so she was much more outstanding than other students.

If Zhang Xiaoying isn\'t the topper, then who is it

When someone questioned this, the classroom fell silent.

No one knew who looked at her first, but slowly everyone turned around to look at Lu Man.

Some people were side-eying Lu Man, not wanting to be noticed by others.

It can\'t… really be Lu Man!

She was the topper

1st place. Professor Liang spoke in this eerie silence, Lu Man, 550 points, of which she scored 500 points for her exam and received an additional 50 points for her extra-curricular internship.

50 points!

She actually had 50 bonus points!

Moreover, not only that, besides the 50 points, Lu Man\'s total score was 500 points!

Even without the extra bonus points, with her score, she was worthy of being the topper!

Therefore, Professor Liang had told Lu Man that while there were bonus points, students who didn\'t have the chance to film shows during the school terms would still have the chance to get very good results.

Earlier, some people claimed it to be unfair but after knowing Lu Man\'s result today, they no longer had the same opinion.

Even if Lu Man didn\'t have her bonus points, she could still beat Zhang Xiaoying and her bonus points!

It could be seen that what the school said really made sense.

As long as you really have the talent and determination, you can definitely win.

However, Lu Man was too impressive!

550 points should be considered full marks, right

Probably not, didn\'t she have 50 bonus points

But that\'s 500 points! Just her exam score alone is higher than Zhang Xiaoying\'s total score!

I didn\'t expect that the first place would go to Lu Man!

Professor Liang! Zhang Xiaoying suddenly stood up.

I have a question.

What\'s your question Professor Liang asked.

Zhang Xiaoying questioned arrogantly, Why did Lu Man get 50 bonus points From what I know, until now, the school hasn\'t given such a high score ever.

Both of us got bonus points for the extra-curricular internship, yet why was she given 50 points, while I only got 10 points

Smiling, Professor Liang said, Because Red Tiger did well but Great Desert didn\'t.

Honestly, Professor Liang didn\'t plan to leave any face for Zhang Xiaoying.

Zhang Xiaoying just 10 bonus points.

Couldn\'t she tell why

Yet she just had to ask!

If Professor Liang didn\'t use facts to shut her mouth, Zhang Xiaoying would just keep claiming it to be unfair.

When other students heard this, they were convinced.

Red Tiger had been airing for a month and already had a box office collection of five billion yuan.

Even if they were to stop airing it half a month later, it shouldn\'t be a problem for the box office to hit seven billion.


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