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Annoyed, Lu Man said impatiently.

So, can you just shut up and listen to Professor Liang announce the rankings

You! Zhuang Tingting realised that she had so much to say but Lu Man never paid any heed to her words.

This, Lu Man! How dare she belittle her

How could she be like this

Lu Man wasn\'t anyone great either!

Quieten down everyone. Professor Liang raised his voice.

Now, I will announce the top four.

Finally, the classroom quietened down and Professor Liang continued announcing, 4th place, Yu Jingxian.

422 points.

Never ever had Zheng Yuanshi expected Yu Jingxian to be able to score higher than her!

Although she had scored just a single point more than her, it was still rather disgusting.

Even Zhuang Tingting violently turned her head towards Yu Jingxian.

Usually, she and Yu Jingxian always trailed behind Zhang Xiaoying\'s butt.

But neither had she seen how hardworking Yu Jingxian was nor had she seen how outstanding she was in terms of her Performance skills.

Yet, who knew that she would grab the fourth place!

Since when did Yu Jingxian become so amazing!

She was usually so quiet and never once even gave out a hint of how outstanding she was! Why was she suddenly standing out in the crowd

Even Zhang Xiaoying was a little taken aback, her face instantly turned sour.

How could Yu Jingxian do this!

She actually hid the fact that her score was so high!

All along she had actually never realized that Yu Jingxian was so ambitious and talented.

Even though her score was lower than Zhang Xiaoying\'s, Zhang Xiaoying just couldn\'t take it sitting down.

Yu Jingxian secured fourth place while she was secured the first place.

Yu Jingxian was merely three ranks behind her.

Honestly, Zhang Xiaoying wanted followers who would admire her in all aspects, not a competitor.

From her results, she could clearly tell Yo Jingxian\'s ambition.

In the past, Yu Jingxian had never mentioned that she was also interested to be an exchange student.

Yu Jingxian could feel Zhang Xiaoying shooting daggers at her yet she just smiled graciously at Zhang Xiaoying, making Zhang Xiaoying to blow up in anger.

Seeing that, Yu Jingxian smirked.

She wasn\'t that stupid like Zhuang Tingting.

She had been licking Zhang Xiaoying\'s boot for a year and yet didn\'t even reap any benefits.

Zhang Xiaoying enjoyed the meat, yet she wouldn\'t even give them any leftover soup, and even always used them to make her stand out.

Whether or not they had the ability, they would still have to hide it.

They couldn\'t do better than Zhang Xiaoying.

They had to contrast Zhang Xiaoying to make her shine and seem more outstanding.

Yu Jingxian could clearly make out what a selfish and petty person Zhang Xiaoying was.

She completely couldn\'t get an inch of benefit from Zhang Xiaoying.

To Zhang Xiaoying, they should only fawn over Zhang Xiaoying.

They completely don\'t have any right to ask for anything in return.

Yu Jingxian humphed coldly.

Since that was the case, why did she still have to continue pleasing Zhang Xiaoying

She calmly turned away, she no longer cared what Zhang Xiaoying thought.

3rd place, Zhang Chengbin.

431 points, Teacher Liang announced again.

2nd place, Teacher Liang spoke.

Zhang Xiaoying felt strange.

Why hasn\'t he mentioned Lu Man\'s name

Could it be that Lu Man got second place

She raised her eyebrows and looked towards Lu Man.

Never mind, second place was still lower than her.

From the side, Zhuang Tingting mocked and said, Looks like Lu Man was really bluffing.

It\'s already the second place.

Could it be that she could really get a second place

Zhuang Tingting would never believe it.

Some people aren\'t afraid of hurting their tongue from all the bluffing.

They clearly know that some lies can\'t live up to the truth, and could immediately be exposed by others, but they just have to say it to embarass themselves.

I really don\'t know what some people are thinking.

Usually, be it since young from kindergarten up to university, all students seemed to have the same habit of secretly chatting amongst themselves when the teacher was speaking.

Zhuang Tingting mumbling in class wasn\'t any big issue originally, but she had been nagging for so long since the start, even Teacher Liang was angry.

He immediately called her out.

Zhuang Tingting!


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