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Right now, she still didn\'t know Lu Man\'s score, and neither did she know whether Zhang Xiaoying\'s score or Lu Man\'s score was higher.

However, right now, she could still assure herself that Zhang Xiaoying\'s score must be higher than Lu Man\'s!

She just won\'t believe that anyone else in the class could get such a high score like Zhang Xiaoying!

As far as she knew, even in the past few batches of the Performance class, no one ever had such a high score like Zhang Xiaoying.

Curious, all the students around Fan Xiyue looked over.

When Fan Xiyue directly handed the results slip over to them to take a look, Zhang Xiaoying didn\'t stop her either.

Since she scored so well, of course, she had to let everyone know.

Right now, she was still proudly waiting for the professor to announce that she was the first place!

Fan Xiyue even asked Lu Man gloatingly, Lu Man, how much did you get You haven\'t forgotten about our bet, did you


Previously, we bet that if you didn\'t score better than me, you will have to lower your head whenever you see me in the future.

You can\'t look at me with your face, Lu Man said calmly.

Am I talking about this Fan Xiyue was infuriated.

Don\'t forget, you said it yourself that you will score better than Xiaoying! You better say how much you\'ve scored!

Chiming in, Zhuang Tingting laughed sarcastically.

Could it be that you did so badly that you don\'t dare to say it

Since Zheng Yuanshi still hadn\'t seen Lu Man\'s results, she got a little worried upon hearing them mock Lu Man.

But then she sneered coldly, All of you just keep yapping, but have you given Lu Man a chance to speak Besides, Professor Liang is still announcing the ranking.

Why are you guys so anxious, interrupting right now

Angered, Zhuang Tingting pursed her lips and shot daggers at her.

Hmph, so you\'re so great now that you\'re in the fifth place

Honestly, Zheng Yuanshi knew that for her score, her theory class\' score contributed very little to her total score and a large part of it was because she did extremely well in her Performance exam.

Moreover, it was a lot higher than her results of the midterms and entrance exams.

Just now, when all the other students in the class were gasping in shock over Zhang Xiaoying\'s results and questioning Lu Man\'s results, she did indeed feel nervous for Lu Man.

However, very soon Zheng Yuanshi calmed down as she realized the weightage of her scores.

A large part of it was thanks to her Performance results.

Moreover, for her Performance results, while she didn\'t have the luck to be paired up with Lu Man, she had practiced quite a lot with Lu Man and thus she saw such a great improvement in her performance.

Additionally, she also saw Pan Xue\'s results.

Even though Pan Xue\'s final score wasn\'t in the top ten, she had already improved a lot from her entrance exams and midterms scores, especially her Performance score.

For the Performance exam, Pan Xue was in the same team as Lu Man.

This clearly indicated that although Lu Man\'s leave to film the movie couldn\'t guarantee her a good score in the theory exam, her acting must have definitely improved even more.

So, her performance results definitely wouldn\'t be too low.

WIth her Performance results, her total score definitely wouldn\'t be too low.

As to whether she could be in the top ten, that…

Seeing that Lu Man didn\'t even look nervous and was very calm and composed as if everything was in her control, Zheng Yuanshi started gaining some confidence too.

Seeing Lu Man\'s expression, she probably was in the top ten.

Now, it just depended on who among Lu Man and Zhang Xiaoying got a higher score.

Lu Man, just say it. Fan Xiyue was too stubborn and kept pestering Lu Man.

Lu Man raised her eyebrows and said smugly, Won\'t you all know once Professors Liang announces it

From her words, Lu Man\'s score was within the top ten.

And now that the fifth to tenth places had been announced, was Lu Man\'s marks actually in the top four

Surprisingly, it was that high!

All the students went into a huge shock.

Fan Xiyue and everyone else had a horrendous expression on their face.

Hmph! You\'re just bluffing! Zhuang Tingting humphed coldly.

If your name isn\'t mentioned, I want to see how you will clean up this mess!

As soon as she threatened Lu Man, she suddenly felt like her words were a little absolute.

Recalling Lu Man\'s brilliant history of turning people\'s words against them, she strangely lost her confidence and added, Even if you are in the top four, you will still have to do better than Xiaoying.


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