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No, I\'m really not free right now, Lu Man said.

Why The box office for Red Tiger is very stable now. As he mentioned that, Manager Lin\'s teeth ached.

You should have nothing to do, right Don\'t reject us because of Zhang Xiaoying.

You can just tell us your charges with respect to your status in the industry now, we definitely would not treat you badly.

It\'s not that, Lu Man was scared that Manager Lin would keep on badgering her, and thus she hurriedly explained, It\'s just that I took up another case already, and so I really cannot take up Great Desert, otherwise, I would be going against the rules in the industry.

What Manager Lin suddenly had a bad premonition, Which show did you take up, if it\'s convenient can you tell me

Lu Man laughed lightly.

It\'s not a problem, it\'s Rich Princess.

Manager Lin: …

He might have been cursed to be dumb, not knowing what to say in such situations!

So, Rich Princess suddenly trending high and being popular on the Internet is your doing Shocked, Manager Lin\'s voice became sharper and louder.

… Lu Man pulled the phone further away from her ear, and only put it to her ear again after a while.

Yes, Rich Princess looked for me and since I had nothing on my hand, I took it up.

That\'s why I can\'t do publicity for your Great Desert, I\'m sorry.

It\'s not that I\'m being petty, it\'s just against the rules of the industry, I honestly can\'t break them.

Since she had nothing to do in the holidays and business came knocking on her door, she just took it up, treating it as an additional income.

Right now, Manager Lin really wanted to cry now.

All this while, he had been wondering how come the industry suddenly had a talent that they were in the dark about

Could it be that it was really Lu Man!

Now that he thought about it, besides for Lu Man, who else could think of such powerful methods

Who would have thought of badmouthing and slandering oneself to push the film up

Moreover, the results were excellent!

Lu Man, ah, you were doing well in the public relations industry, why did you enter the entertainment industry And although you entered the entertainment industry, why did you have to continue doing public relations Manager Lin\'s heart bled as he said those words.

… Lu Man\'s lips twitched.

Didn\'t you just come looking for me to devise a publicity plan for you

Manager Lin: …

Lu Man, ah, wait for a while, I\'ll contact you again in a while, Manager Lin said, and hung up.

Even President Yang had heard about it from Manager Lin.

Rich Princess is having several people clicking on it links, was that done by Lu Man

Yes.s Manager Lin nodded.

We should have realized it.

Besides for Lu Man, no one else is capable to come up with such tricks.

Compared to Lu Man, their PR team was too ordinary.

They only knew came up with normal methods used within the industry.

Whereas Lu Man was different, she would come up with out of the box ideas.

Just like how for Rich Princess, an ordinary big-scale advertisement was not useful at all.

Such a cliche drama, even if it was advertised on a large scale, there was no way the audience would fall for it.

Hence, they could only use a different method; badmouthing themselves, and create short clips of the show so that it would pique people\'s interest and although people would laugh at it, they would still be curious and watch it for fun.

Even if they did not like it, it was alright as it depended on quantity, and not quality, after all.

Moreover, this way Rich Princess would get trending, attracting everyone\'s attention, anyway.

Manager Lin looked at President Yang dejectedly.

Had they accepted his idea and looked for Lu Man earlier, the show doing well right now would have been Great Desert instead.

However, now Great Desert was at a dead end.

President Yang, what should we do now Manager Lin asked worriedly.


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